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Why Bother? Just Be Quiet…

I discovered at an early age that certain things seemed to be unjust to me. It never dawned on me not to react immediately to what I perceived as inappropriate and to do something about it. My friend Sinclair Watson had muscular dystrophy and was bullied on the school yard. I stepped in and using my lessons in boxing from my Father Robert I knocked all three bullies down. I was 5 and tiny. When the school called my parents it was my Mother who suggested that I just ignore things and thereby live a quiet life. Funny thing was that my Mother was always the one standing up to the bullies or the false prophets or the preachers who used Scriptures as a club on their congregations. She was bold and fearless and a Prophet.

Folks have commiserated on my constant Facebook jail time and wondered if I might be better off not saying the things that I say. Unfortunately my genes would rebel against what for me is not just natural but handed down to me almost as a mission. I would be denying who and what I am if I remained silent in the face of the bully, the bigot, the liar, the political exploiter, the savage, the barbarian, the islamist. So I will have to tolerate the minor inconveniences of Facebook and thank God that I am not being placed in prison like the great preachers of the faith or the prophets or the disciples of Jesus who all met really tough lives and deaths with the eyes of those whose focus was on the heavenly. “This same Jesus who you see going up into heaven will return in like manner.” He is coming back, it is up to us to spread the word, give hope to the world and confront evil where we find it.

I will just “keep on keeping on” and enjoy the adventures of each new day and marvel at the grace of the God who loves each one of us and has prepared a place for us with Him.


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