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This is a more expository fleshing out of an impossible attempt at dialog with a couple of reality blinded individuals, call them Don and Jim, driveling on my FB page. There’s no point trying to reason with them, for the precise reasons that follow and are in fact the very point of the whole conversation. The initial topic started with my stating the incontestable position that Trump has a great many successes under his belt and their complete denial that he has done anything positive (I’d like to force them to put their money where their mouths are by sending back the extra $5000 or so they have in their bank or pocket or have spent, but don’t think they’d be THAT willing to say that $5000 was the “nothing” they claim and therefore send it back to the Treasury). Here goes:
These responses continue to prove and in fact amplify my blindness point, which I’ll illustrate with an analogy in the hope that somebody with a SMIDGEN of vision left might perceive they have a problem and address it: you can’t cure a blind man by showing him a picture. I could post pages of Trump’s accomplishments and ways we’re all better off, but it would be pointless because they would be unable to see them. Further, I could respect them and carry on constructive arguments for (both sides) if people like Don and Jim could see those pages and acknowledge them with something like, “Gee, I didn’t realize he’d done all that for us” and then perhaps follow it with something like, “But here’s how these new Democratic proposals WE’RE LISTING can make things even better without giving up these very real gains from which we’re all benefiting.” But said blindness precludes the entree to any such reasoning, since it is unable to take into account and analyze the cause and effect of what’s already happened… if you don’t have that comprehension of how things have and actually do work, it would be pure, blind (sort of an unintended pun) luck if something they devised would work.
The whole thing is particularly insidious because most blind people realize they are blind people. Not in this case, which is even FURTHER insidious because it can’t be fixed surgically since it’s actually a manifestation of the catatonic state known as TDS. But the SERIOUS danger here is something that can be demonstrated by another of my analogies: if you know you’re blind, you take remedial actions and behave in accordance with abilities; these politically blind folks are like a visionless person who still thinks it’s OK to drive! A failure to acknowledge reality can actually be very dangerous, and in this case, the danger is to our country by virtue of bad or nonexistent inputs leading to flawed reasoning. Another analogy might be to imagine a blind person discussing flight, not seeing how it is actually accomplished, but doing LSD and thinking a “flying trip” shows him how it’s done and provides the instruction map for launching a man into outer space. This could prove problematic for that man, as such ill-informed reasoning is for our country.

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