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The Daily Wire posted an article Monday explaining that one Black Lives Matter (BLM) Group has separated itself, because they claim that the leaders of the movement actually profit from the “deaths of black people.”

The group in question is Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati. At least that’s what they used to be known as. So angered and disillusioned by the national BLM leadership, they’ve changed their name to, UBLMWACABL, or “Unlike BLM, We Actually Care About Black Lives.”

Nah – I’m just kidding. They changed it to, “Mass Action for Black Liberation.” The acronym would of course be MABL. Maybe this is a shout out to black and lesbian activist Mabel Hampton. That way the group can just swap out “Liberation” with “Lesbian” when it suits them, without having to change their signage. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. I’m going to go with the latter.

Anyway – rather than further discuss what the Daily Wire has already covered, I’d like to concentrate on their new name.

We all know black lives matter, as does every life. Although don’t say this at a democrat rally or you’ll be booed off the stage like poor old Martin O’Malley during his short-lived democrat presidential campaign.

Yet, explaining the name change on their website, MABL exclaims that, “we recognized that our idea of the type of movement necessary to win black liberation was at odds with that national body and its directives.”

May I ask the obvious? Exactly which blacks in America are still yet to be emancipated? Where are these blacks who are still being held in bondage? The answer is no where of course.

But despite their worrisome mission statement, which appears to be, “building a revolutionary movement for Black liberation,” I understand their misgivings over what they see as a takeover of the movement by smarmy political operatives.

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These racial warriors are upset that the national movement, “capitalized off a nameless groundswell of resistance sweeping the nation, branded it as their own, and profited from the deaths of Black men and women around the country without seriously engaging…”

Simply put, they don’t believe these “capitalizers” are truly down for the struggle. I get it. If I were a true believer, I’d be upset as I witness the co-opting of the movement by a bunch of charlatans.

However, I can’t be sympathetic, as I see this “Liberation” movement for what it really is – the Reverend Wright brand of Black Liberation Theology, which encourages a victim mentality among blacks.

As we see, this victomology is an excuse for a lack of effort, criminal behavior and failure in general. In other words – it is always someone else’s fault. And the go-to excuse is systematic racism.

As evidence, consider this quote by Dr. Dwight Hopkins, a black liberation theologian teaching at the University of Chicago Divinity School. “People are poor because they are victims of others.” Classic victomology.

Although the Black Lives Matter movement did make a splash, it is relatively harmless compared to true believing black liberators and separatists like MABL. These are the groups we must be mindful of, as their leaders plant seeds of resentment, hatred and violence toward their supposed oppressors – much as did their predecessors, the Black Panthers of the sixties.

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