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It’s time to stop being politically correct and admit that America has a Black problem and a very serious Black problem to boot. Last night 12 police officers in Texas were gunned down, not because of a couple of shootings by cops hundreds of miles away but because we as a nation have become afraid of the truth. Even now the press and the politicians are trying desperately to take Blacks and Black supremacy groups like BLM out of the equation and the people who are scared of the truth will buy these phony explanations hook, line, and sinker.

The truth is America’s Black community is disintegrating into whatever the Blacks across the planet are devolving into which quite frankly is a group of violent thugs who think they can do and get away with whatever the hell they want. It starts with the Black culture itself – a culture that has dominated the music industry with hip hop music that glorifies lawlessness and violence and simply bad behavior. The culture that glorifies a $300 pair of sneakers but not a hard days work or an education. A culture that demands more and more entitlements and privileges.

Add to American Black culture a political ideology that fuels an entitlement culture along with an entertainment and news media that pushes the worst instead of the best within the Black community and what you end up with is a community of people who believe that whatever their grievances are, their response should be to destroy, abuse, and murder.

America has such a huge problem with Blacks that the press rarely reports crimes committed by Blacks for the simple reason that Blacks committing crimes, even horrible crimes, is simply no longer news. If the press reported every incident of violent crime committed by Blacks there wouldn’t be room to report anything else.

Now some will say what they always say about any group – that all of the members of that group aren’t violent, uneducated, terrorists. But we can regard the Black community in the exact same way we regard Muslims by stating that if the majority doesn’t support Black on White violence, they are being awfully quiet about not agreeing. Just like Islam “moderates”, Blacks financially aid groups like BLM and the New Do Black Panthers. Just like Muslims after 9/11, hundreds of Blacks were cheering the deaths of the 5 police officers in Texas. And just like Muslims, the media and the politicians will refuse to hold their beliefs accountable.

The cops murdered by a BLM member had nothing to do with any shooting. These people had mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, spouses and children all of whom will have their lives destroyed because they were cops or because they looked White. This is no small problem -this is a group of people we can identify by race that have a deep seated hatred that has been manufactured by half truths and lies. We have tried to be PC for so long and trying to be “understanding” for so long that we created a monster and now we don’t know how to get that monster back in its cage.

The media isn’t going to fix this problem because they profit from it. The politicians aren’t going to fix this problem because they profit off it. Blacks certainly don’t seem willing to solve this problem because they are either a part of the problem or they are in denial.

America’s Black problem is going to get a lot worse as people like George Soros, JayZ and Beyonce continue to finance BLM and groups like it as the press profits off it and Democrats think they can use Blacks in a desperate attempt to grasp power.

And all of this amounts to the kind of treason that threatens our entire nation which in turn threatens the stability of the world.



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