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I think we’ve hashed this argument out more than a few times haven’t we?

The GOP is the true home of black America. The African-American community has, like the prodigal son, gotten lost out in the world for a while… they’ll be coming home soon.


Ask yourself this – when is black (and minority for that matter) unemployment lowest? Under Republican leadership. When are black poverty rates lowest? Under Republican leadership. When is black academic achievement (at the secondary and college levels) highest? Under Republican leadership. When is black wealth at its peak? You guessed it, under Republican leadership.

But that’s just the pocketbook, right? What about the “real” stuff?

On social issues, the majority of black Americans agree with the Republican Party when it comes to marriage, abortion, and God. On education, it’s Republicans and African-Americans leading the charge on school choice and vouchers. On prison reform, it’s Republican states (like Texas and Georgia) and Republican politicians ( like Rand Paul and Donald Trump) who have engaged the black community and embraced this issue as one of great importance.

The reality is that black Americans are Republican, they just don’t know it yet. So we have to tell them.

At CPAC 2019 Candace Owens did a masterful job explaining why America would soon be seeing a mass #BLEXIT from the Democrat Party.

Owens derided leftwing America for promoting rappers and basketball stars, instead of teaching young black Americans to value education and community. The heroes we should be promoting are Condoleeza Rice and  Dr. Ben Carson, not Beyonce or LeBron. She also pummeled the left for promoting a “victim mentality” in the black community.

Owens then delivered “four truths” about America:

  • The USA is NOT a racist country. Yes, racism still exists. No, it is not as prevalent or as pernicious as the Left likes to pretend.
  • Second, abortion is murder. Black women make up less than 7% of the population but account for almost half of the abortions that take place in America. In fact, in New York City, more black babies are murdered than are born each year. 18 MILLION black babies have been aborted since 1973, meaning without abortion the black population would be DOUBLE what it is today.
  • Third, the “epidemic” of police brutality against young black men is a myth. Life is hard in America’s black communities because 74% of black homes are run by single mothers. This breakdown in the fabric of our families (both black and white) can be traced back to Democrat policies.
  • Fourth, the reality is that there are about 4 million Black children and another 3 million Hispanic children living in poverty but for some reason, Democrats want to put illegal immigrants first. Instead, Owens argues, we should “build the wall!”

That’s all good stuff.

And she’s right about it all.

For what it’s worth, longtime Trump supporters Diamond and Silk agree with Owens about #BLEXIT:

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