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Bill Nye the Liberal Wacko Science Guy went into a violent rant on his children’s science show over the refusal of conservatives to believe in his global warming myths claiming they are deluding themselves by cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance is the denial of the facts, something that has been proven to be a liberal mental defect.  Believing that those who speak the truth are liars and those who speak provable lies are telling the truth is typical backward leftist thinking.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez buys into global warming with her entire mind, heart, and soul.  Anyone with half a brain who has listened to AOC talk realizes immediately that she has far more in common with Jar Jar Binks than with Madam Curie.

Qui-Gon Jinn meets Jar Jar Binks

“The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.”

Chiquita Khrushchev can put together a lot of words, but like babbling Joe Biden, most of what she says is gobbledygook.  Bill Nye’s scientific expertise lies entirely in his children’s science programming.  Taking after his mentor, Carl Sagan, Astronomer, who said that the Gulf War oil field fires would cause a nuclear winter event, he promotes ludicrous leftist Chicken Little beliefs.  This is an example of how irrational liberals think in Tucker Carlson’s interview of Bill Nye as he repeatedly tries to duck the questions:

Bill Nye says, “The planet’s on f***ing fire!”

Tucker wrecks Bill Nye’s Science Delusion

NO ONE denies that climate change is happening.  There is no such thing as “climate change deniers.”  When leftist lunatics like Nye refer to “climate change” they are not referring to scientific climate change, but to man-made climate change.  This is no different than Democrats who refer to immigrants when they are speaking of illegal alien criminals sneaking over the border to steal from Americans.  Conflating the facts with the truth is how leftists deceive the ignorant.  They dupe people by juxtaposing their lies with the truth.  This is most easily done to indoctrinate children who don’t know any better with their propaganda.

In a video in which Al Gore strove to indoctrinate children with his global warming propaganda he once told a classroom of elementary students, “You instinctively know things your parents don’t know.”  He told children not to listen to their parents.  Now leftists are convincing parents to listen to their children who don’t know any more than what they’ve been instructed to say.  It doesn’t generally work with thinking adults who don’t believe everything they are told.  But even some skeptical adults will foolishly believe their children out of a misplaced idea of being lovingly supportive of their children.

Al Gore tells kids they know more than their parents about global warming

How Children Influence Their Parents’ Political Beliefs

The Simple Scientific Facts of Climate Change

Refuting the leftist facts of climate change is a simple thing.  First is the fact that their solution is political rather than scientific.  Their solution to global warming is for the United States to become a socialist dictatorship under Democrats.  That alarm bells don’t go off in the heads of liberals when they hear this is largely due to the fact that they have been miseducated and indoctrinated into believing that socialism is a benevolent Utopia rather than malevolent slavery.

Second is the lack of scientific understanding by liberals that the Earth is a water planet.  The rising temperature that leftists say threaten to melt the ice caps and flood the oceans is pure bunk.  The North Pole is a giant ice cube floating in the ocean.  Any child knows that if you melt an ice cube in a full glass of water that the water doesn’t overflow.  They threaten that Greenland will melt but that, too, makes no difference to the world’s oceans.  They rely on the Mercator Projection map that makes Greenland look huge.  The South Pole they threaten is melting, but that lie dies just as easily.

The cold hard fact of ocean rise is a farce because the oceans already rose many feet when the last Ice Age ended.  At that time all of the continents were covered in miles thick ice.  Believing that the ice caps will melt and flood the planet is just goofiness.  The ice caps will never melt.  A “scientist” wanted to study how to keep the ice from melting by laying out miles of sheets of aluminum foil to reflect sunlight off of them.  How this bozo got federal money for his “research” is by relying on dumb Democrats.  The polar ice is there because there are no direct sun rays on the poles of the planet.  The ice expands and contracts with the seasons as the tilt of the Earth faces away and towards the Sun.  These are simple scientific facts.

Nye’s rant that the Earth is going to burn up is likewise a load of hooey.  Never in recorded history or any scientific study has the earth warmed much more than it has today.  Today the planet is still cooler than previous warm periods between ice ages.  If you don’t know there have been multiple ice ages and warm periods every hundred thousand years or so then your education has been lacking.  The Al Gore hockey stick of human carbon dioxide production is just complete hype.  At no point does he explain what the actual amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere currently are, but only refers to how much human activity is producing and never compares that to the actual CO2 production of the planet’s natural ecosystem.

So, what happens when the earth warms, and mankind spills loads of additional CO2 into the air?  Do you know what purpose CO2 serves in our ecosystem?  Anyone with a simple science education should be able to answer that question.  What happens when the Earth’s climate warms?  Again, this is simple science that anyone with any knowledge of the planet and the climate should be able to answer.

CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere.  Its sole function is to feed plants.  Without CO2, plants die.  More CO2 means more food for plants means more plants.  Oh, but wait!  Liberals believe that the warming planet while flooding the coasts with melted arctic ice, will turn the land into deserts with no plants.  Really?  Are you sure?  What happened when the earth warmed after the last ice age ended?  Did the equator become a desert?  No.  What happened was an explosion of plant growth due to massive rains.

The equatorial tropics are the result of global warming evaporating more ocean water into the atmosphere and dropping it on land.  The warmer the earth gets the wider and more expansive the living temperate zones of the planet become.  Humans are able to live, farm, and thrive farther and farther from the equator.  Plants are able to grow farther from the equator, and the planet, rather than become a desolate wasteland, becomes a lush paradise.

What about the deserts?  Again, if you knew the least little simple facts of science then you would know that the deserts are not caused by the warmth of the planet.  Deserts largely exist solely in the 30th parallel region wherein the planet’s rotation causes the doldrums.  At sea this merely causes the wind to become becalmed for extended periods.  On land, this results in deserts.  The reason there are great deserts like the Sahara and Gobi is that the northern hemisphere has huge landmasses.  Australia is largely desert away from the coasts for the same reason.

So, when Bill Nye the children’s Science Guy is telling adults that what they disbelieve about the leftist socialist’s climate change scam is “cognitive dissonance” based on their ideological beliefs rather than scientific facts, throw some of these facts at him and watch his head explode.  Everyone who knows anything about Nye knows he has an engineering degree, not a science degree.  Having a B.S. doesn’t make you a scientist or intelligent anymore than having the ability to speak.  But being able to speak a bunch of BS should certainly make it clear that you are not promoting science when you are promoting a political agenda.  Do any of these leftist liberal Democrats condemn China’s massive pollution?  No.  They just want America to become another second-rate global communist toilet with themselves as the elite leaders who profit.

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Refuting global warming science is elementary

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If, despite all of this proof, you still believe that conservatives are dead wrong, that climate change is man-made, and that climate change deniers will end up destroying all life through their greed and cognitive dissonance, then you can help save the planet by educating not only them but the Democrats in Washington who refuse to take action now!  Dianne Feinstein is one of many Democrats who follow the Obama model of teaching what they want children like AOC and her devotees to believe in giving up their taxes to the government, but not living up to what they say by practicing what they preach.  If socialism is going to work for everyone’s benefit, then it has to start by making certain our children have a future.

GoFundMe: Educate Washington about Climate Change to Save the Planet!

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