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For some time now I have been hearing about Obama’s approval being at “record highs”.

This morning I heard that it was at 58%. I find it odd that very few who report on Obama’s approval rating, including Fox, acknowledge who provided the report and its origin. or dares to publicly question it? This is just one more example of the media being PC. The price for the media to not be pc is simply too high. It is extremely rare for anyone to dare to publicly question anything about Obama personally! I have also noticed that on the rare occasion when people in media do question any Obama  actions they usually preface their comments, or end them with saying how much they admire Obama, or a similar statement. The price to do otherwise is apparently too high in American media.

A perfect example of this is Charles Krauthammer, a regular Fox News contributor. He is a Dr. (Psychologist) who has never been intimidated by anything, including being permanently paralyzed from the neck down when he was in medical school. He still graduated with his class with honors, married his long time sweetheart, has children,  drives his own specially built car which he operates entirely with only his fingers on his right hand, has a very accomplished  career as a columnist  and Fox News contributor, and writes bestselling books. In short he is a very successful person and the consummate professional. During Obama’s first term he said that in his professional opinion Obama was a “pathological narcissist”. A few days later he made the public observation that he would not be making a public analysis of anyone again. The firestorm he must have endured to be “cowed” to this point is inconceivable! Note, I actually researched the term “pathological narcissists” and it seemed to me that it was a “text book” diagnosis for Obama.

The Fox report on Obama’s approval ratings this morning was in  the context that he was the first President in history to be the ”star”  in a Presidential campaign when he was not the candidate. On a side note they did report that Obama mentioned himself 207 times in recent campaign speeches including saying that if Trump is elected the Obama legacy will be destroyed!

Anyone who has been interested in history and followed current events at any level over the last few decades, or even in recent years has to be amazed at how biased (corrupt) and arrogant the Main Stream Media (MSM) has become In their reporting and opinion of the “average citizen” in America since Obama became a presidential candidate. The Obama approval rating and how the MSM reports on it, and Obama personally are glaring examples of how Politically Correct (P.C). America has become.

When anyone who supports Hillary is asked a simple question,, “can you name one thing Hillary accomplished as Secretary of State” they cannot  answer the question. The same thing happens when you change it to “her 30 years in “public service”. The facts are that she did accomplish a lot, but none of it was good! I believe that history will show that Obama’s record will be SIGINIFICANTLY worse than Hillary’s (unless she is elected President) because he had unlimited opportunity to build a public record during his two terms as President of the United States of America. Unfortunately getting elected President, and reelected, was his only “positive” accomplishment (the first person of color to be elected to be President of the United States of America).

I am absolutely certain that history will show that Obama was the WORSE President in American history. He will leave America in such a weak position in every way that it is doubtful that we can recover! Yet he and his rabid sycophant supporters continue to “scream” about his extraordinary accomplishments? It is still astonishing to me that so many people not only believe this but angrily argue that this is true?  We have clearly reached the epitome in PC politics in America.

I first became aware of how being PC was becoming more noticeable in American politics when I got more involved in politics during the Jimmy Carter years. I noticed that America was becoming more polarized politically and I am sorry to say less patriotic. I was happy and proud to see that this changed to a noticeable positive degree during the Regan years with more Americans being less political and more focused on what was good for America. Political polarization came back with a vengeance during the Clinton Presidency but largely disappeared during President (43) Bush’s presidency when Americans put America first and rallied around the president after 911. However this welcome reduction in being PC and the surge in patriotism only lasted into the first part of President Bush’s second term. Then PC politics began to “rear its ugly head” again, exploded during Obama’s Presidential campaign and went on steroids during his time in the Oval Office. As I studied and wrote about the Obama Administration’s obsession with PC politics it became clear that throughout history there has been a direct correlation between a rise in PC politics and a direct decline in Patriotism.  This is very obvious anytime you are exposed to the MSM in America today.

Obama’s legacy in history will be that his Administration was so obsessed with being PC that his Presidency was an absolute failure in every way. For some time now I have been convinced that the Obama Administration will leave America in such a weak position in every way that it is doubtful that we can recover. I am so convinced of this that I began to research, document and write detailed articles about it earlier this an effort to educate people about what is really happening in America. This will be my 45th article to date and hopefully not my last (depending on the current election results).

I normally do not post articles that have what could be too may distracting links. Consequently I am posting only links to two of my 44 recent articles at the bottom of this article in an effort to make my case that the Obama Administration has been an absolute failure in every way. Equally disappointing is that the Obama Administration and their sycophant supporters, including the MSM literally scream about all the great things this administration has accomplished (ABSOLUTE LIES). One obvious example of the ridiculous lies is, “we are reducing the deficit at the fasted rate in history”! Really!!!???  And I have not seen anyone in the media, except some people on Fox News, call the Obama Administration out on this ridiculous lie?

The first article I linked below is about our national debt exceeding our Gross Domestic Product.(it is not as complicated as it seems. Please read the article). To put this in perspective the only time in history this has happened in America was late in WWII and we lived in an entirely different time then patriotically and politically. Throughout history it has been extremely rare for a country to survive a national debt crisis like this. The Liberals love to “blame it on Bush” and now “blame it on Republicans”: but the facts prove otherwise.

The second article linked  below is about the real unemployment rate in America. The Obama Administration loudly brags about how many jobs it has created and that they have brought unemployment down to 4.9%. Really!!?? The facts prove it is the opposite!

Counting this one, there are now 45 articles posted on my website and on two other public forums that I write for but I think these two adequately explain why America cannot survive a Hillary Presidency.




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