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U.S. Space Force Lt. Gen. DeAnna Burt has shockingly accused red states of forcing her to hand out rank to less qualified soldiers because of the anti-LGBTQ laws the red states have passed.

Burt, who hails from the Air Force, was put in her exalted Space Force position by Biden in 2021, when she left the Advanced Senior Leader Development Seminar, Arlie Center, in Warrenton, Virginia.

Lt. Gen. Burt spoke at the Pentagon’s “Pride” event on Wednesday where she made this shocking admission.

Just listen to this dangerous garbage:

“Transformational cultural change requires leadership from the top, and we do not have time to wait,” this poor excuse for a military leader intoned.

Before we go on… how is it the military’s job to institute “transformational cultural change”?

Answer: it isn’t.

“Since January of this year more than 400 LGBTQ+ laws have been introduced at the state level…,” this activist pretending to be a general said.

Again, I ask, how is it the Pentagon’s business to worry about state laws or make policies to abrogate them?

Answer: it isn’t.

“That number is rising, and demonstrates a trend that could be dangerous for service members, their families, and the readiness of the force as a whole,” the Gen. continued.
In other words, this woman is claiming that red states are keeping the best qualified people from military jobs because of anti-LGBTQ laws.

This is absurd nonsense.

It is dangerous nonsense. She is putting America’s safety at risk just to use that as a way to attack red states for keeping children safe.

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She then made her startling admission that she takes into account a soldier’s fealty to the radical LGBTQ agenda instead of his merit when doling out rank and important positions.

“When I look at potential candidates — say for squadron command — I strive to match the right person to the right job,” she said. “I consider their job performance and relevant experience first. However, I also look at their personal circumstances, and their family is also an important factor.”

“If a good match for a job does not feel safe to being themselves and performing at their highest potential at a given location, or if their family could be denied critical healthcare due to the laws in that state, I am compelled to consider a different candidate, and perhaps less qualified.”


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