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Joe Biden has unsurprisingly picked a radical leftist for his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court in the person of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Biden has forwarded Jackson’s name to the U.S. Senate to fill the position of retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.

Jackson is shockingly weak on crime. She is well-known as being soft on sex offenders, for instance. She is the author of an article disclosed during the Obama regime when she was nominated to serve as U.S. district judge for the District of Columbia.

Per The Blaze:

In the article, Jackson wrote, “In the current climate of fear, hatred, and revenge associated with the release of convicted sex criminals, courts must be especially atten­tive to legislative enactments that ‘use[ ] public health and safety rhetoric to justify procedures that are, in essence, punishment and detention.'”

Her article took issue with how some state legislatures at the time enacted laws to regulate the release of sex offenders. Examples she cited include requirements for sex offenders to register with local law enforcement officials, notify community members of their presence, undergo DNA testing, and submit to civil confinement for an indefinite term.

“Although many courts and commentators herald these laws as valid regulatory measures, others reject them as punitive enactments that violate the rights of individuals who already have been sanctioned for their crimes,” Jackson wrote. “Under existing doctrine, the constitutionality of sex offender statutes depends upon their characterization as essentially ‘preventive’ rather than ‘punitive,’ yet courts have been unable to devise a consistent, coherent, and principled means of making this determination.”

But this judge is so radical a number of her most high-profile rulings were overturned.

Per Fox News:

“Judge Jackson’s record of reversals by the left-leaning D.C. Circuit is troubling for anyone concerned about the rule of law,” Judicial Crisis Network president Carrie Severino told Fox News Digital on Tuesday. “For example, in Make the Road New York v. Wolf, a D.C. Circuit panel composed of a majority of Democratic nominees concluded that Jackson had set aside a Trump administration rule where there was no legal basis to do so.”

“Cases like these suggest that Jackson might be willing in politically charged cases to ignore the law to deliver a particular policy outcome, and that’s not what we want to see from a Supreme Court justice,” she continued.

During Jackson’s 2021 confirmation for her current position, conservatives pointed to her track record of overturned rulings.

Fox went on to describe several of these cases.

In any case, this all proves that Biden was not lying (for a change) when he said he would only name a left-wing, black woman to the highest court in the land.

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