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Third times a charm, at least former Vice President Joe Biden hopes that’s the case. This is the third time Biden has run for the office of President, in addition to having served two terms as Vice President under Obama. If he should win, he will be 78 years old at the time he would take office and supposedly plans to serve for one term due to the questions about his age.

Really, just one term, this is beginning to sound like he is planning to be a place holder and if so for who, Joe Biden is presenting himself as centralist who will appeal to moderates. A President Joe may get the big desk in the Oval Office which makes him the front man, the question is who will he bring in to the fill cabinet and staff positions that shape a Presidency. Is he going to bring back the leftist staff of the Obama White House or populate those positions with the hardcore left of the Socialist Democrat Party? It must be remembered, that you are not only electing an individual, you also electing the people behind the candidate and their ideology. These are the people pushing their own agendas running their own operations behind the scenes.

The recently exposed Deep State operation that was started under the Obama Administration shows that it was set up to destroy President Donald Trump and those who work in the Trump Administration. It looks like the dossier against Donald Trump was created by former British agent Christopher Steele for his client, The Hillary Clinton Campaign with the assistance of the CIA and FBI. The FBI was used to create an investigation via the FISA Court which entrapped and snared people in perjury traps. Then the Department of Justice would prosecute those caught up in the traps, grinding them up and destroying them. This served as a method of intimidation, as a warning for anyone who might want to serve a future Republican Administration.

If Biden wins the Presidency in 2020 you can count on a resurgence of a hard left Deep State aimed at the destruction of the Republican Party. Many of the other left-wing candidates running for President are openly demanding the surrender of firearms and imprisonment for those who refuse. This disarmament of the public is a necessity to destroy the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, once completed the Deep State comes to the surface as a new totalitarian Socialist Police State. And what of Uncle Joe Biden, he will be blissfully smiling from Oval Office, touching and feeling his way around his administration.

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