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By Joe Newby,

In a tweet posted to Twitter/X on Saturday, Joe Biden said “MAGA extremists” are trying to “roll back” his $50 billion plan to “help combat heat.”

We’re serious.

We provided $50 billion for climate resilience to restore wetlands, manage wildfires, and help combat heat. Now, MAGA extremists are trying to undo this investment. We won’t let it happen,” he said.

Twitchy noted:

Remember when the “Inflation Reduction Act” was passed? Even the mainstream media widely referred to it as a “tax and climate change bill” rather than anything to do with reducing inflation. We’ve been inundated with takes from the media that this July is the hottest July in 250,000 years or something, or at least since 1979 when we started keeping track.

Some intern at the White House has taken notice and tweeted that the $50 billion dollars was allocated to “help combat heat.” But the first time there’s a snowstorm in New York they’ll all rush to blame climate change for that too. How much of that $50 billion has gone toward helping to combat heat? Is this that plan to seed the atmosphere with reflective particles and block out the sun? Or are they talking about planting trees in urban neighborhoods? If the administration is working to combat heat, why is it the hottest July ever?

Good question.

The Associated Press reported:

As part of the initiative, the department will issue a hazard alert notifying employers and employees about ways to stay protected from extreme heat, which has killed 436 workers since 2011, according to federal statistics.

The Biden administration plans to spend $7 million to develop more detailed weather predictions to anticipate extreme weather like heat waves, plus $152 million to boost drinking water infrastructure and climate resilience in California, Colorado and Washington.

That’s all well and good, but where is the rest of that money going? And if Biden wants to “combat” high temperatures, why is the Regime going after air conditioners?

Quite a few people on social media had thoughts:

I remember ALL of those hoaxes.

Fraudster, indeed. C’mon man. I’m serious. No joke. You know, the thing…

Twitchy concluded: “Will Biden claim that his investment worked when it gets cooler this fall?”

Good question. My guess is yes.

So why is Biden making this silly claim? Simple. It’s all part of the effort to gaslight and incite violence against his political opponents.

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