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The number of what might be called ‘identity labels’ for homosexual activities grows longer by the minute! Before too long we may as well just give the entire alphabet to label them (which is probably the intention). In my work I don’t use any of the gay-led letters, because all of them are just – homosexual. The labels are just branding and marketing tools, used to make it seem that there are many kinds of sexuality! But, there are only two – heterosexuality (normal) and homosexuality (abnormal).

Is there such a person as a ‘bi-sexual’? Is it different from homosexuality? Because the activity is so repulsive I will not spend too much time on discussing it. It may not be repulsive to modern younger people, because they have been brought up in its dark death-like atmosphere, but it is certainly repulsive to genuine Christians. Why? Because it is the mark of promiscuity, and it includes even darker promiscuity, with people of the same sex, an abnormality and perversion of God’s plan.

The latest combination of those stupid letters to identify homosexualities is: LGBPTTQQIIAA+. It is just absurd, because each is just an aspect of the main sin – homosexuality, and so the line of letters can be as long as you wish! Some claim there are even more. But, who cares? They are ALL, without exception, the product of homosexual wickedness. In a sense, we can say that ANY sexual attraction or activity that is outside God’s definition is homosexual – man-made fornication.

What Is It?

If you search the term ‘bi-sexual’ it invariably comes up with ‘sexual attraction to both male and female’. Or, worse, sexual attraction to anything and anybody. Either way it is a sign of a pathological condition of mind and heart. From Wikipedia to more specialised websites, the terms are used similarly, and refer to a ‘sexual attraction or sexual behaviour toward both male and females’.

One site attempts to separate ‘bi-sexuals’ from the spread of HIV, but gives no evidence. In reality (I know because I was the only Christian to research it in the 1980s) it was bi-sexuals who spread the disease FROM homosexual contacts TO heterosexual contacts, via drug users, prostitutes, girlfriends and wives, blood transfusions, etc. This was acknowledged at the time by medical and scientific research, but is now hidden.

The homosexual movement, as usual, tries to muddy the waters by offering many definitions. They do this with other homosexual categories. The idea is to ‘mix it’ to such an extent that ordinary folks will just give up and say ‘each to his/her own’! They also do it to make homosexuality itself an acceptable behaviour. To a greater extent they have done this superbly, and so the sickening aspects of their behaviour are never mentioned. Also, many people have ‘gay’ friends and do not want to look at what they do or say in a bad light. They even accept the ‘fact’ that bi-sexuality is found in the animal world. This ‘fact’ is just another homosexualised lie (see my article dealing with this). Bi-sexuality is just plain lust, a godless pursuit. It is sin and true pornography (defined broadly in scripture as ‘fornication’, porneia). There can be no ‘love’ in homosexual relationships, because love is a God-made gift – it is all sheer lust, a perversion of what God designed for mankind.

So, what is ‘bi-sexuality’?

It is very simple to define: it is a lustful attraction to both sexes in a twisted sexual way. It usually extends to actual sexual activity with both sexes. Without the imposition of homosexual terminology and excuses, it means that a man or woman is promiscuous in mind and body, and does not care who provides them with sexual pleasure! In many ways this is just prostitution. ANY form of sex outside genuine marriage (a natural male with a natural female) is a form of prostitution, fornication and adultery. And, once a man or woman has sex with someone of the same sex, it makes them ‘homosexual’… though ‘purist’ homosexuals do not like to admit to it! It is, however, a logical statement. To try to legitimize bi-sexuality some even spell it ‘bio-sexuality’, thus implying that their condition is genetic (’bio’) and not sexual sin. In reality it should be spelt ‘perversion’ because it is unnatural!

As if to muddy the waters even more, a few homosexuals and so-called bi-sexuals try to argue they were ‘born that way’. This is a nonsense they cannot prove. Some also try to say they were born with ‘confused’ genitalia. But, such birth defects are very rare. And they are not usually referred to as ‘bi-sexual’, but ‘ambiguous genitalia’ (AG), or ‘atypical genitalia’. This is a genuine physical defect that may need surgery (depending on the sufferer). Sometimes this surgery is performed according ONLY to physical presentation of the genitals, and NOT to what the actual sufferer believes is the case (so-called ‘gender’ confusion – a deliberate malfunction of one’s psychology).

In such cases, even medical personnel cannot tell if the baby is male or female, because it appears to have both genitals, or there is ambiguity. Or, there appear to be no genitals at all (in 2005 there were only 75 of these cases worldwide). The condition is a reference to outward appearance and not necessarily to inward gender. This is VERY different from bisexual attraction and sex, which is just gratuitous abnormal lust! At any rate there can be several possible PHYSICAL reasons for this abnormality.

Biblical View?

Babies with both sets of genitals are usually called ‘hermaphrodites’; today these are sub-classified into three categories. Now, babies with this condition are tested using blood samples, ultra-sound, chromosome analysis and, if necessary, explorative surgery. Biblically, where do these abnormalities come from? They come from the general effects of Adam’s sin, when all of creation was tainted by impurity. The same goes for any kind of illness. It does not mean the person is ‘extra-sinful’, only that he or she, like all who are born, is affected by general sin: you, me, everybody. These effects have become greater with time, especially after the Flood, when life-spans became very much shorter, ‘condensing’ sinful effects.

None of this can bring condemnation on the baby born with AG and parents should be thankful when their baby is relatively ‘perfect’ (though not genetically). Bi-sexuality, however, is completely separate. It is a wicked promiscuous desire for both sexes, which usually results in actual sexual activity and higher numbers of STDs and HIV. People are not ‘born that way’, but BECOME that way, by inward sinful thoughts and outward practices.

This is only an introduction, but it is sufficient to dismiss the claims made by homosexuals. Homosexuality is grave sin. Bi-sexuality is just another form of homosexuality. Both are personal choices.


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