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Senator Bernie Sanders has recently shown his total disdain for religious freedom in the United States of America. Sanders, as a self-proclaimed Socialist, apparently has no problem with exempting himself from Constitutional law in order to challenge nominees for public office. Sanders has thus put himself above American Constitutional law in order to block a nominee he does not like, because that nominee is a Christian. And clearly, Senator Sanders does not like the beliefs and theology of mainstream Christianity. This was put on display recently (Wed., June 7, 2017) at a confirmation hearing where Sanders questioned Russell Vought, nominee for deputy director for the Office of Management and Budget.

Senator Bernie Sanders line of questioning of nominee Russell Vought was more like a theological interrogation than that of seeking his qualifications for the position to be filled. Senator Sanders may have a deep-seeded hatred for Christianity, and especially for Christians who hold to traditional theological beliefs, but he does not have the right to make it a litmus test to disqualify someone from holding public office. Sanders apparently had a particular problem with something Mr. Vought had once written about his Christian beliefs and Christian salvation. Vought had written about his belief that Jesus Christ was the only way in which true salvation could be obtained.

To non-believers like Sanders this may sound ridiculous, but, it is in fact the historic belief of mainstream Christianity and of the majority of faithful Christians. But, for Sanders this belief is intolerable, and for he and his fellow Democrat fascists, this kind of belief should not be tolerated for public office holders. Sanders also referred to Vought’s views as reflecting “Islamophobia,” … “indefensible” and “hateful.” In Sanders deviant and intolerant thinking, this makes Mr. Vought unfit for government service. Further, Sanders silly gesture at claiming this is offensive to Islam, thus defending Islam against orthodox Christianity is disingenuous and completely phony. Islam and Muslims also hold to exclusive religious beliefs about Allah (Muslim God), and his messenger, Mohammad. So, If the nominee were Muslim, would Bernie be questioning that person in regards to how they interpret the Koran and its claims to being an exclusive religion?

Here’s a sample of Senator Bernie Sanders line of questioning or “inquisition” with Russell Vought;

Sanders: You wrote, “Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ, His Son, and they stand condemned.” Do you believe that that statement is Islamophobic?

Vought: Absolutely not, senator. I’m a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith. That post, as I stated in the questionnaire to this committee, was to defend my alma mater, Wheaton College, a Christian school that has a statement of faith that includes the centrality of Jesus Christ for salvation, and—

Sanders: I apologize. Forgive me, we just don’t have a lot of time. Do you believe people in the Muslim religion stand condemned? Is that your view?

Vought: Again, senator, I’m a Christian, and I wrote that piece in accordance with the statement of faith at Wheaton College.

Sanders: I understand that. I don’t know how many Muslims there are in America. Maybe a couple million. Are you suggesting that all those people stand condemned? What about Jews? Do they stand condemned too?

Vought: Senator, I’m a Christian—

Sanders (shouting): I understand you are a Christian, but this country is made of people who are not just—I understand that Christianity is the majority religion, but there are other people of different religions in this country and around the world. In your judgment, do you think that people who are not Christians are going to be condemned?

Vought: Thank you for probing on that question. As a Christian, I believe that all individuals are made in the image of God and are worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their religious beliefs. I believe that as a Christian that’s how I should treat all individuals—

Sanders: You think your statement that you put into that publication, they do not know God because they rejected Jesus Christ, His Son, and they stand condemned, do you think that’s respectful of other religions?

Vought: Senator, I wrote a post based on being a Christian and attending a Christian school that has a statement of faith that speaks clearly in regard to the centrality of Jesus Christ in salvation.

Sanders: I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.1

Russell Vought should have responded to Bernie Sanders; ‘I’m sorry Senator Sanders, but, you have no Constitutional authority or right to ask me these kinds of religious questions regarding my candidacy for public office.” (Take note future Republican office holders).

The First Amendment of the Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Further, Article VI of the Constitution states, “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

The federal government has no authority in determining religious matters nor in applying a test for public office. It is amazing that a federal office holder like Sanders would suddenly inject himself as ‘chief theologian’ in determining the proper interpretation of Scripture for qualifying a candidate for public office. Senator Sanders arrogantly puts himself in a position of authority on religion and what religions ought to believe. But, Constitutional tolerance is not making religion conform to your personal religious, or political beliefs, or unbelief’s. It is in creating an environment in America where differing belief systems can coexist together peaceably, without fear of government interference.

Maybe Senator Sanders believes there is some mysterious congressional rule that says Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Nazi’s, fascists and the like, are not subject to abiding by Constitutional laws in interrogating people they do not agree with. But, if the roles were reversed, this incident would be a leading news story and there would be endless cries of unconstitutional and illegal litmus tests. Pelosi would be using every vile adjective possible. Democrats would be shouting from the rooftops and the mainstream media would be backing them all the way. But, somehow, leftists like crazy Bernie get away with it…why…because he’s crazy, or because he hates traditional Christianity? And where are the Constitutional Republicans on crazy Bernie’s inquisition? Why aren’t they holding press conferences demanding Bernie Sanders step down from his senatorial seat! Why aren’t they saying Bernie is unfit for office? Why aren’t they outraged at the behavior of Sanders who has absolutely no regard for the true American ideals of religious liberty and the free expression of religion. Sanders is the one who is unfit for office — and Republicans, in their silence, hold some responsibility as well. Dear Republican office holders, where the hell are you?!?!

  1. Transcript courtesy of David French of National Review)

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