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After agreeing to a final debate with Socialist Bernie Sanders, Hillary has backed out. It makes you wonder: If she is afraid to debate an aging Socialist, how is she going to stand up to Trump in a no-holds-barred debate?

In an interesting twist, Donald Trump has agreed to debate Bernie on Fox News. This would be an historic first. There have been hundreds of debates between people of the same party seeking their party’s nomination; and there have been many debates between the party’s official nominees. But I have never heard of a debate between two people of different parties, neither of whom has been officially nominated (and one of who has almost no chance of being nominated).

But both Trump and Sanders are unusual candidates; both seem to be fearless; and neither seems to care a bit about being conventional. So I won’t say this is a shocker.

What IS surprising is that Hillary is so willing to show her cowardice. Granted, at her best she is a poor debater. But if she is to have any credibility in the general election, she needs to show that she is not afraid to debate a clueless blowhard like Bernie Sanders.


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