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Since the Republican Convention in July I have lost my ability to make melody.  My wife has said one of the reasons she fell in love with me was my spontaneous whistling.  My whistling has always made my daughters and young granddaughters smile.  I haven’t whistled since the convention, and quite frankly, it is another thing the Republican Committee has stolen from an American.  I have had enough of the RNC, and like many grassroots activists and conservatives, I plan to participate in striking back.

The following is a letter from two Utah delegates to a county delegate describing what took place at the Republican Convention.  Many informed voters were aware of what took place, but the mainstream media refused to cover the truth, and individual state’s media bowed to RNC power-brokers and progressive policymakers.  Power and corruption 2016 RNC Style, authored by Paul Manafort & Rience Prebius.

A letter received by a County Delegate from one of Utah’s floor delegates in Cleveland.

(Redacted) was a duly elected delegate and (redacted) was an alternate.  We were elected at the State Convention.  We were so excited to represent Utah and cast our votes for Ted Cruz.  As you recall, Ted Cruz won in the Utah caucuses by 70%, Trump came in 3rd.  Therefore, all 40 Utah delegate votes were BOUND to Ted Cruz.  Remember that word BOUND. We had no inkling that BOUND meant a vote for Trump.  If we had, we would have refused to participate.  But we had no clue.

Here is what happened and how your UTAH Caucus Vote was thrown out and given over to Trump. The evening of the State GOP convention, the newly elected delegates voted to send Senator Mike Lee and his wife to Cleveland as members of the RULES COMMITTEE.  We did not vote for Enid Mickelsen for the RULES COMMITTEE, which infuriated her, and she set out to punish us, even assigning the UTAH delegation to a hotel an hour away from the convention site.  No big deal,(redacted) and (redacted) stayed at a hotel 20 miles outside of Cleveland to save money.  We could not afford to pay $230/night at the assigned hotel in Akron.

Enid Mickelsen, apparently having important people in high places (for example Orrin Hatch), went behind our backs and got herself appointed as Chair of the National Rules Committee.  She ran the whole show in Cleveland and boy did she get her revenge on the UTAH delegation!!!!

The convention was run like TammanyHall — it was a nightmare from hell for the grassroots, you know, the volunteer foot soldiers who do all the work.

There were 11 States, of which Utah was one, who requested a roll call vote on the rules that Enid and her cronies had cooked up that would reward Establishment Republicans and basically kill grassroots/conservative participation now and in the future.  Enid, Trump and Manafort, and the RNC broke us, like you break a horse.  They employed underhanded tactics like we never experienced or ever heard of!  They used intimidation, threats, strong arm moves, and in the end, they flat out LIED to squash our hopes for any semblance of fairness.  The Utah media ignored ALL the facts and reported a milk-toast filtered version of what really happened.  Enid was quoted in the Desert News completely misrepresenting what actually happened, making herself look good, and the rest of us look like boobs.  So much for Utah media.

There was no reporting about the “guests” in the galleries, packed with Trump’s people, who participated illegally in the voice votes.  They were screaming at the top of their lungs and were instructed to boo or cheer when prompted to do so.

To add insult to injury, on the evening of the actual votes at the convention, our bound Ted Cruz votes were switched to Trump!  The excuse given was our State’s Rules caused the votes to go to Trump, which does not make sense because we know RNC rules “Trump” state rules.  Enid, Manafort, Trump and the RNC had the last laugh and in Trump fashion turned it all around and played the blame game and lied.

Bottom line: We delegates were just useful idiots for the GOP powerbrokers and it cuts to the core of our hearts.  We wanted you to know what really happened.  Where do we go from here?  Well, one thing for sure: NEVER TRUST RINO’S AND ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS!!!!!

(I redacted the names, just in case they don’t want Storm Trumpers to come after them for telling the truth and then having said truth shared to the public at large!!!!!)

(For the Reader’s information, the RNC deliberately under-reported the number of states requesting floor vote to nine,  instead of the actual eleven who passed the floor vote requirement.)

Since this overt hijacking by the RNC, designed to keep RINO Powerbrokers in office and in power, grassroots activists and conservatives have decided overall not to support any candidate the RNC backs and supports.  Because the corruption of the Republican Party is so complete, Americans are being advised not to vote for any RINO.  The efforts are geared to regaining control of the GOP for American citizens, wrestling it away from those who are self serving and money hungry. Grassroots activists and conservatives are asking that you share this accounting wherever you can, posting this link and getting the information to the American people.  They are requesting Americans demand Enid Mickelsen and Paul Manafort be stripped of all RNC credentials and never be allowed to participate in Republican politics for the rest of their lives.  To achieve this goal, they are requesting you call your county GOP headquarters and demand their removal.

As I finish, I would like to share that I have started to him.  As I work to right these wrong with others, I am confident my hijacked whistle will be restored.


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