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Infowars might easily be sub-titled The American Institute for Propaganda Analysis. Because Infowars daily analyzes globalist propaganda, so the daily truth will set Americans free!


Thanks to Infowars and Breitbart and Drudge, America is now increasingly aware of real Fake News media – MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, The Washington Post and The New York Times – going full force to spread propaganda lies that Infowars is an unpardonable source of Fake News.


In today’s bewildering maze of propaganda, the globalist-controlled media – Communist in its essence with no accountability to God or absolutes – in desperation is spreading lies at a rate perhaps even the Father of Lies couldn’t imagine.


Visionary General Douglas MacArthur foresaw this already in the 1950s! As far back as World War I, MacArthur spoke with defeated German generals who admitted the single reason for their defeat was propaganda dropped from the skies. The good general knew this would happen again in the future and warned, “You must defeat them!”


Is President-elect Trump aware of the seriousness and depth of the multiple levels of real Fake News bombarding Americans? If so, unhesitatingly, he should begin The American Times and The American Trumpet to include the daily truth from his own syndicate of writers included from Infowars, Breitbart and Drudge.


In America, the confusion of conflicting propagandas is now at fever pitch! More than ever, propaganda is used as an instrument of aggression! It is now a 21st-century means of rendering this country defenseless, by the cold, hardened, amoral Machiavellian army of the media/complex globalist industry.


To understand the seven propaganda devices, the “tricks of the trade,” one must first understand the seven ABC’s of propaganda analysis:


* Ascertain the conflict element in propaganda. The conflict element is a cause or effect or both.
* Behold your own reaction to this conflict element. This permits us to become more objective in our analysis.
* Concern yourself especially with today’s propaganda associated with today’s conflicts.
* Doubt that your opinions are “your very own.” They usually aren’t.  But solidify those convictions which will Make America Great Again!
* Evaluate your own propaganda. Why do we act and believe as we do? Is one on an emotional hype without knowing all the facts?
* Find the facts before coming to any conclusion. Infowars and iPatriot are dedicated to facts. Who is the propagandist? Paid by Soros or Koch or the globalists? What are the basic interests of the propagandist? Do interests coincide with American nationalism?
* Guard against omnibus words. They are the words that make liberals and potential liberals easy dupes of propagandists, giving the illusion of authority. Sharp definition is the best antidote against globalist words and symbols that carry a high charge of emotion.


The American Republic is one political, economic, and social philosophy which permits the free expression and development of the individual in our Constitutional culture. But globalist-controlled media is now using Freedom of Speech to destroy Freedom of Speech!


The seven propaganda devices are Name Calling, Glittering Generality, Transfer, Testimonial, Of the People, Card Stacking and Band Wagon. In all these techniques and methods for lying, the globalist media claims the “moral high ground.” Which is an ongoing lie.


No one has perhaps received more slander and libel than President Trump, who history may record as the Greatest President of the United States! Next in line are the noble warriors at Infowars, Breitbart and Drudge, now daily victimized as Fake News, by the real globalist perpetrators of Fake News.


We The People must now confront the heinous, America-destroying, army of the media/complex globalist-intruding invasion! It is now rendering this free country defenseless! The urgent warnings of General Douglas MacArthur must not go unheeded!


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