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John Adams once said of the United States that this is a nation of laws, not men. He meant that we obey the law, not the person who happens to be in power. Under these circumstances, nobody can have very much power. This enables us to be free. This is why we prosper. Adams’ statement is an abbreviated way of explaining why America is exceptional.

Those who claim not to see America as exceptional are being disingenuous. From their point of view, they want to have power, but live in the US. Our system of laws and rights thwarts their desires. It is not that they fail to see exceptionalism, but that they wish it were not there.

What can power-hungry Americans do to get what they crave? They could emigrate, but then they must live in a poorer country. Instead, they can encourage foreigners to come to this country, but the foreigners must not assimilate. If they assimilate, they will learn, as many have said, that “America is great because she is good,” in other words, moral. They will then be good citizens and prosper. Morality does not help the power seekers.

Power seekers need for immigrants to avoid assimilation. The immigrants must take the customs of their crooked, impoverished countries with them. They will be drawn to the US because of its wealth, but their customs will keep them from protesting as people of power acquire even more power.

Illegal immigration leading to citizenship is the key to power. With more citizens not understanding American Exceptionalism, this exceptionalism will be replaced with corruption. People who place themselves opportunistically will have great power. The country will not have much wealth, but the powerful will own it, as well as the minds of the immigrants and the bodies of the formerly exceptional. It will become a nation of men (and women) who are as evil as any dictator.

How Not to Become a Nation of Men: Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution says “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion …” In other words, the government is required to secure the borders. We must force the government to do its job. After the borders are secure, we can deal with the people who have already arrived. I suggest giving them permanent residency only if they take government paid courses in English, civics, and economics. I and many others would be glad to tutor them in these subjects for free.

We need not become a nation of evil men. The first step is to acknowledge our exceptionalism and our moral duty to maintain it.


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