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The left is using tactics common to interpersonal violence. My field as a sociologist is in assisting victims of sex trafficking, human trafficking, domestic violence, and pogroms. I understand the various types of interpersonal violence, their uses to the perpetrators, and their outcomes for the victims. It’s important for the right to understand this co-optioning of tactics in order for us to preserve our nation.

The leftist media uses impression management to create a false narrative. In interpersonal violence, the perpetrator insists that his victim is incorrect in her impressions. For example, a wife enters a room and sees her spouse viewing pornography. He instantly switches it off, and when she asks him about what she has witnessed, he insists she is mistaken [although victimization of males certainly occurs, there is a slightly different dynamic, thus I will address male-on-female violence herein]. The media, by insisting President Trump is a puppet of Moscow, a racist, mentally unstable, and unfit to be President of the United States, frames a false picture of our President. By repeating these talking points and having one tv personality after another agree with them, the left uses a form of impression management to drive their agenda. In interpersonal violence, the victim of impression management becomes unable to frame her own opinion of what she has witnessed, depending instead on the narrative of her abuser. I have often assisted victims of impression management to testify in court against their abusers, but no matter what they are able to describe in private, when they face their abusers in court, they revert to telling the judge what the abuser has falsely insisted was reality. Think of this in terms of what our nation faces today: when liberal people are told again and again that our President, the agenda of the Republicans, and character of those on the right are evil, eventually they won’t be swayed, no matter what evidence to the contrary they can see for themselves. In all cases, this has to do with fear of the abuser, including the abusive media and others on the left who shame anyone who disagrees with them.

Another strange phenomenon of interpersonal violence is cooperation of abusers. An aggregation of pimps, for example, although they don’t otherwise conduct business together, may unite to beat a woman who wants to leave one of the pimps. A husband, his father, and his father-in-law may cooperate to keep a woman in submission. Two male friends may assault or threaten a woman to prevent her from leaving one of them. This is what we are seeing across the nation: cooperation of an aggregate group of people whose agendas for the downfall of America have converged. Think of the universities, the news media, the government officials, as well as the Antifa thugs who insist that the right is racist, uncaring, and wants only to empower the wealthy while trampling on the rights of the downtrodden. Anyone who disagrees is beaten down by public shaming.

Isolation is another tactic used by both perpetrators of interpersonal violence and those who drive the leftist agenda. The perpetrator expresses a dislike for the family and friends of the victim and either cuts off or extremely limits contact between the victim and those who would support her. [Let me be absolutely clear here: I am in no way expressing support for white supremacists and/or neo-nazis.] In the public arena, the left is trying to cut off contact between those on the right, sending violent protestors to gatherings of conservatives, such as Trump rallies and other congregations of those who stand for freedom.

I will finish with the victim rodeo. In this case, an abusive man who is being divorced may, with his lawyer’s help, rodeo his victim so that she has no time and no money to reach an equable settlement. By saddling the victim with one legal document after another that she must answer (and many women don’t earn enough to hire an attorney), she becomes too busy with researching legal issues to address the many other parts of her life, such as child care, work, and home life. There are even websites which share information on how to prevent a wife from winning anything in a divorce action. The victim rodeo is the tactic the left uses to keep President Trump from achieving his agenda, from delivering on his campaign promises. By keeping the President so busy with claims of incompetence, of acting “un-Presidential” (their words), or empowering hate groups, he has to take time from his duties to address these claims.

Benjamin Disraeli, a great British Prime Minister of the 19th century, said, “A man at 16 who is not a liberal has no heart; a man at 60 who is not a conservative has no head.” Isaiah 32:5a says “The vile person shall no more be called liberal.” I share these quotes to remind my readers that people who are liberal aren’t necessarily evil: they are mostly people who have a big heart for others. The problem with the left is that there are truly vile people who call themselves liberal and use liberality to drive their agenda of hate. Let us educate ourselves, pray, and stand strong against the evil that would engulf our country.

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