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The Banning of Guns — Part 2


All we have heard for the last couple of weeks are new gun laws restricting law abiding citizens from accessing what we need to defend ourselves and protect our families.  The idiots in charge forget that it makes no difference how many laws there are or how strict those laws are the criminals will not pay any attention to the laws.  The criminal will not turn in his gun, will not use a 10 round clip and will not obey the law.  If he won’t obey the law why do our so-called representatives require us to put ourselves in harm’s way by disarming us when the thief and robbers maintain their possession of firearms?  The only thing I can call what they are doing is a pipe dream.  Surface logic seems to dictate that banning guns is the answer until your brain kicks in and real logic reminds you of why criminals are criminals, they don’t obey the laws!

Any simple analyzation of very accessible fact concerning the results of the banning of guns tells us that banning guns is the wrong direction.  But we have an administration that believes that you can spend your way out of debt so their concept of banning guns does not surprise me.  Winston Churchill once commented about raising taxes helping the economy by asking if a man could stand in a bucket and lift himself up by the handle.  You can’t protect someone by removing their ability to protect themselves.  Crime is lowest where citizens are allowed to carry guns openly or concealed.  ALL evidence proves this.

Will American’s allow our guns to be banned?  I would think not. To ban even so-called assault weapons would violate our Constitution.  Banning clip sizes also restricts the citizen’s rights to protect himself.  At one time police were not allowed to use armor piercing ammunition yet criminals did use that type of ammunition.  After having their cars disabled by armor piercing bullets they realized that they needed that type of ammunition as well.  If criminals have these types of weapons then American citizens should have the same access to them, just like the police can now use the weapons the criminals use against them.

One thing that we need to understand is the removal of guns exacerbates the problem.  Chicago, with the toughest guns laws, has the highest rate of crimes and had 440 school-aged children shot last year with 60 of them dying.  That is three times as bad as Sandy Hook, but the media is silent.  It isn’t about gun control, it’s about control.  This is a quote from an article by Nikolas Warren posted on Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: “So what if we were to ban guns in the US? Well, we can look to our cousins across the Atlantic for a possible outcome. In the UK, where gun ownership is heavily restricted (except on rare circumstances for hunting) gun-related crimes have increased. Conversely, in America, as gun ownership has increased, the violent crime rate has actually decreased. Those are the facts and they don’t make the case for gun control in America any more compelling – in fact, they discourage it.

So, instead of pointing blame at the weapon, people should point blame at the person who pulled the trigger and work harder to de-glamorize gun violence in America. Additionally, our society – more specifically our media – continues to unfairly link law-abiding citizens with gun violence. This was made clear by the publication of names and addresses of gun owners by a newspaper in New York not long ago; because knowing who legally owns a weapon will somehow prevent criminal activity, right? What we should focus on is what we can do if, God forbid, any of us are ever in this situation ourselves. ” ( )  I would highly recommend that you watch this video on the History of Gun Control here:

Our Constitution guarantees American’s the right to keep and bear arms.  Though too many in Washington ignore the Constitution today, the president included, the people, I believe will not stand for having that right taken from us.  We also need to look at a bill passed in 1902 called the Dick Act of 1902  also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902, invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Our Second Amendment cannot be repealed without the will of the people.  This administration may try to ‘Executive Order’ the Second Amendment away and if so I would hope that the American people refuse to stand for it.

If we allow the government to violate our constitutional right to bear arms we will experience the violence all nations that have experienced when they disarm the population.  In every nation where the population has been disarmed crime rates soar because as stated earlier, criminals don’t obey the laws, and disarming the population forces them to become victims and sometimes the victim becomes the ‘criminal’ simply by defending himself and his family.  I have posted a true story on my website about a man who defended himself in the UK after guns were banned.  It would do you good to read it to fully understand what the guaranteed results of the lefts demand to ban guns.  You can read the story here:

We also must address the question of banning so-called assault weapons.   They see no logic in owning something to defend yourself, they own it, but don’t see a reason for you to.  Keep in mind the weapons ban bill the Feinstein is proposing.  She wants to ban further sales of certain guns used for self-defense yet she carries one herself for protection.  Why is she so important that she needs protection but your family and my family are not that important?  Please take the time to read another article on why semi-automatic firearms with high capacity magazines not only should be allowed but encouraged.  You can read the article here: .

Another good article to read is found here: .  Charlie Daniels has even penned a piece that is well worth reading.  A quote from his article oozes with common sense, something the gun banners do not have.  ” Of course, the well-meaning, but naïve, people who believe the problem lies in the private ownership of firearms are out there beating the drum, while those whose purposes are not as noble are leading the way and self-serving politicians are coming out of the woodwork just itching to pass another meaningless piece of feel-good legislation that will mean about as much to illegal gun owners as the ones already on the books now.

Our problem is not a lack of gun laws; we have enough now to paper the south wall of the Grand Canyon. We just need to enforce them.”  You can read his article here:

We have seen our nation turn toward European socialism over the last few years but we can still own weapons.  If we lose that right, we may never get America back.  We must be ready to stand for the rights that our Founders gave their all for or we will not have anything to give our kids.  Our future is in our hands.

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