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A good friend of Vigileaks was Bill Weipers of South Africa. One day, he showed me the new charter for Bank Shalom given him by Israel’s Prime Minister.

“We’ve just received gold backing by Prince Charles,” he said. “At the moment, I am just a minnow moving 500 tons of gold out of the Caymans into Europe.”

Bill was just in from a trip to Russia, sent there by his friends from Switzerland – where he’d converse with Swiss bankers and was somehow involved with setting the weekly currency exchange rates.

“There was a surprise for me in the UK,” he confided. “One of my former Pacific Rim business partners bought me a coffee and a biscuit and said, ‘Ok, tell me about Bank Shalom.'” Bill found mention of his secret bank incredulous and laughed it off, as he changed the subject with his former colleague…

Bill went on to talk of his last trip to the House of Rothschilds in South Africa. “They know the bank I’m putting together is for financially assisting Jews to aliyah as Scripture prophecies. I plan on having banks on all my ships,” he confided, talking of how ships changed flags in ports and how his father was a ship’s captain during World War II.

Such noble and altruistic life goals! Helping Jews aliyah and return to Israel! And he would soon depart for the Isle of Man, the haven he preferred to deal with for Bank Shalom. “They prop each other up. It’s very secure.”

But soon everything began to go wrong for Bank Shalom. As one of his many hobbies, Bill was financial director for 30,000-acre Olive Tree Farms in southern Zimbabwe. Vigileaks received a call at 4:30 a.m. “Everyone at Olive Tree is murdered, except for two children forced to watch. They were axed one at a time, then burned.”

Mozambique rebels had stolen over the border into Zimbabwe and did these sixteen barbaric and cruel murders at the alleged behest of Khaddafi, a friend of the Jesuit-trained ZImbabwean leader. Khaddafi was trying to get water to Zimbabwe from the north and Bill’s farm from the south, harnessing it, as whoever could do that for Zimbabwe first would win masses of converts.  Olive Tree Farms was simultaneously reconciling, on its property, the warring tribes left over from the Rhodesian conflict…

Bill had no idea the Bank Shalom undertaking would threaten his projects. No sooner did Vigileaks complete a media donation drive for the two surviving children, “Still having nightmares in England,” when the next round of bad news came along:

“Rogue CIA just confiscated the 500 tons of Cayman’s gold on its way to Europe from the Med.” Zev Eschel (now deceased) in Switzerland. a financier, was helping him move it. Bill previously gave Eschel’s contact info to Vigileaks, along with a South African yen provider’s address. It was always important to Bill to know what was going with the Nikkei stock average at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Following this, South Africa’s equivalent to a Chicago shadow-govt. mafia destroyed his contracting/building business in South Africa. “They took it over and destroyed it completely.” Truly, Israel will never know the hell Bill experienced, behind the scenes, for merely trying to help Jewish people aliyah in these troubled times.

Soon after, after catching his breath in New Zealand, Bill died a “natural” death.  The mysterious underground Bank Shalom dropped out of sight. Did this elaborately-planned for bank simply die with the death of its founder? Or is it still somewhere in the shadows, waiting to be resurrected to fund the massive aliyah, by ship, which Bill knew would take place according to the prophecies of Scripture….

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