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I can’t think of a more important thing to be happening in America and a more important thing for you to be paying close attention to since 1776, than the hearings on the I.G Report. Our future, our freedom, our rights, our prosperity, are being discussed.

More importantly, the ones who would deprive you of them is being put on display.

“Be unrelenting in your expectations of our Justice System.” So says Trey Gowdy at the beginning of the hearing. This was addressed to you and I – a warning to The People of the United States.

Be unrelenting? How?

We sit and we watch. We listen, and we are shocked. We are shocked at the bias and the manipulation of information to suit the designs of something that has grown to become an Armed and Dangerous, out of control, Form of Government all in itself. We are shocked at the outright lying. This thing it has become has police powers over you, prosecutorial powers over you, it can destroy you, your life, and your reputation, and it even has the power to kill you.

This is a thing, and a thing has no soul. So we watch, and we watch, and we are shocked, and we just know that ax is going to fall. Heads are going to roll. We know it now. It’s all out in the open now, right? The gub’mint will take care of it, right? That ax is coming, and the bad guys are gonna git it!

But will it really? How do you know?

I think I know how you could think things are going to change. It is because they said so, right? They told you they were fixing it. Are you being sold a bill-of goods? Maybe you should believe them, after all, they are the good guys, right?

So now you have a possibility of two things happening. They are lying to you, or they are going to fix it. Which one is real? What are they going to do?

You probably heard Mr. Wray speak of the integrity of the members of the FBI, and how this bureau of ours has one thing to uphold more than any other thing. That thing is our Constitution. I don’t doubt that many folks in the FBI are as patriotic as the next guy, and maybe even more-so. But the folks in the layers of FBI don’t run the FBI, do they? And this Justice Department, what about them?

Look, we hear these words like “bias,” and “intent.” So let’s look at some intent and let’s look at some bias. After all, the only thing that will show that things are changing is if things are changing. Talk isn’t change. Talk is talk. Will the FBI uphold and defend the Constitution?

Let’s take the Muslim Brotherhood for an example. They have stated as their goal the destruction of America, and replacing the Constitution with Sharia Law. We know what that means. It pretty much means hell. So, will the FBI actually do what they say and protect and defend the Constitution?

I mean, it’s not like they have to look hard to find our enemies. They are in our government. They are in our Intelligence Community. They have worked their way into our houses of representatives somehow. Hell, there are even some inside the FBI! I could give them a dozen names myself, you could as well. So, are they going to continue to be biased in favor of the most wretched and fascist Form Of Government on earth – islam?
Will they uphold and defend the Constitution as Mr. Wray said they would? It’s kind of a canary in the coal mine, isn’t it. They either are or they aren’t. Which is it? Talk is talk. Talking isn’t doing.

How about Communism? Can the Constitution of the United States exist under Communism? Absolutely not. Can’t happen, the same as islam. Yet we have outright and outspoken members of the Communist Party right inside our government. Hell, I could give them a list. You could too. They could start with Pelosi. They are even embedded in our learning institutions! So are they going to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States or not?

Up until now, it seems like they have protected islam and protected communism. The FBI did not arrest enemies of our Republic and enemies of our Constitution like Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, or James Comey. But they did protect them, right? What about Brennan? He was the head of our CIA! Pretty easy to find him, I would think.

It shows intent, doesn’t it? It shows bias toward something that is antithetical to our Constitution. Both of these monstrosities absolutely cannot exist in the framework of our Constitution, nor the other way around. The first thing to go would be gun ownership followed by Freedom of speech. From there, you are on the highway to hell. Thanks FBI.

Some of our Senators have been calling for the records the FBI kept on General Flynn. It turns out they actually altered the records to destroy a decent man. That shows intent, doesn’t it? But here is the kicker: For months, these Senators have been calling for those records to be delivered by the FBI. They have not given up those records to authority. That is current, right now, intent. It shows intent!

Who do they work for? It is supposed to be you and me. But they don’t seem to “intend” to be answerable to our own government, our representatives, to us, nor even to the President! Who the hell do they think they are?

So, lying or not? I will lean toward lying until I see change, not hear change – see it!

Until then, this is what I see: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” The Declaration of Independence.

Can you think of anything on Earth more absolutely despotic than islam and communism? The only thing worse might be an out of control FBI.

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