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Did you hear about the big hurrah over the 1949’s movie Neptune’s Daughter? Ok, you probably aren’t familiar with the movie but maybe you have seen that clip of Star Treks original Khan Ricardo Montalbán and Esther Williams sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” I know, I know this poor song has been beaten to death but bear with me.

This little controversy proves how lazy so-called professional and independent journalists are and you’ll just have to judge for yourself whether any of them just blatantly lied. In the clips, you have probably seen on social media and several news websites was Montalbán and Williams dancing and singing around the living room playing sexual cat and mouse where Williams pretends she isn’t interested in Montalbán’s obvious advances.

There are 2 things in the movie that proves either stupidity and laziness or blatant lying. You see unlike most of you I’m familiar with this film not because I’m anywhere near as old as the film is, but because I love watching old movies and because the likes of  Ricardo Montalbán (Fantasy Island, original Star Trek + movie), Betty Garrett ( a regular on many TV shows from the 70’s), Red Skelton (world renown comedian) and Mel Blanc (the voice of Looney Tunes) are all in it (listening to Mel Blanc acting as a Mexican using Speedy Gonzales voice will have you lol).

Here’s where their whole story falls apart proving none of the people who started the controversy and none of the people who commented on the controversy even bothered to watch this musical comedy. Yes, this movie is a comedy.

Drum roll, please!

First off Esther Williams character marries Ricardo Montalbán’s character by the end of the movie. Was she pressured into that too? The character she plays is also a top executive and designer in (Christ again with the drum roll?) 1949. That is right boys and girls this movie is centered around a feminist character in 1949.

What is really both telling and humorous is that anyone writing anything on this story could have and should have watched just a minute or two more of the song than just Ricardo and Williams parts. See there was more to the move and more to the song itself.

The song continues with Red Skeleton and Betty Garrett except instead of the man trying to convince the woman to stay with him and fool around it is Garrett trying to get Skelton to allow her to stay … and fool around. So much for YouTube content creators and the “what if the opposite scenario” videos. It’s already been done in the exact same movie and song that all the misogynist complaints originated about.

Now I know this is kind of a minor thing but if neither side can get a story like this right, how many of the important stories are they getting right? This is just basic investigative reporting 1101. Just 30 seconds more and they all would have gotten it but none of them did.

These are the morons you’re getting your news from. Let that sink in.

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