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Oh my.  To coin a phrase from our departed President…”Elections Have Consequences”.  And this time the decisions being made are in keeping with the Laws and Constitution of the United States.

We ARE a sovereign nation which means we have borders.  Not to be run through at will but managed with processes in place called “laws” which help us keep undesirables from entering.  Even visitors have to abide by the laws by presenting Passports to almost every single Country in the World.  Why is the United States expected to be different than other Countries regarding laws?

Yes…we are a “welcoming” Country to those looking for a better life and future for their families.  But our processes include Laws that dictate how that it is to occur.  One of the classes required clearly states that they are to “assimilate” into the heart and soul of America and its’ principles and values.  It is not “Carte Blanc” to come in and set up their own little country from whence they came especially if it is anywhere near anti-American!

The recent ban is only for 7 Countries that have been a hotbed for recruiting and deploying Muslim Terrorists.  There are 15 (if my facts are current) other Muslim Countries that are NOT affected by this ban.  So calling President Trump’s recent order a ban on all Muslims is ludicrous!  He is simply targeting those who have been fostering terrorism.

Is it profiling?  Absolutely!!  But more than that…it’s common sense.  If a 6’ red-headed man is seen fleeing a convenience store with a bag of money and he has been caught on store cameras…should the police be looking for a 5’ black-haired man or woman?  No…you’re going to be looking for a 6’ red-headed guy!  It’s common sense because you have a profile of the person responsible for the crime!  And robbing a convenience store is a crime JUST as entering our Country illegally and planning terrorist destruction and killing is a crime!

All of this leftist posturing and hypocrisy is crazy.  Thank you George Soros for funding your idiots and inciting them to protest the laws of our land.  Hopefully you will be charged soon with many of the crimes you have financed.

You think this isn’t posturing by the left?  Well let’s take Chuck Schumer as an example.  Did you see his “tears” when he was speaking about the 100 people being “detained”, (not killed), at the airport?  They were not mistreated, were not harmed, were not threatened and were simply being detained on entering our Country.  Schumer cried!

Not once did I see Schumer cry when Americans were killed in cold blood at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando.  Not once did he cry for the Americans killed in San Bernardino.  Not once did he cry for our Military personnel that were murdered on their Base by a radical Muslim.  Not once did I see him cry when innocent Americans were injured and maimed on the streets of the Boston Marathon.  And I could go on… the point is, he is suffering from delusion and remorse from losing his own radical ideology of what our Country represents.  It’s called Law and Order…something the past 8 years has been torn apart by Obama.

At last…we appear to have a President that is willing to abide by and enforce the Laws of our Country!  And the looney leftists are going nuts!!  Well I say, “Welcome to the world we have lived with for the past 8 years”.  But THIS time…the leftists are raising hell because they don’t like our Laws.  We on the middle and right were going crazy because we had a President and politicians that were BREAKING Laws!  BIG difference!

There are other promises of the new President that have the crazy leftists throwing tantrums.  The order to repeal Obamacare.  There are two sets of people that actually like Obamacare.  Those that had no income/job and our dear politicians.  One set of them had no money and were struggling.  The other set (politicians) were not subjected to that coverage.  For all the rest of us…we have seen premiums sky rocket, out-of-pocket expenses sky rocket, deductibles raised sky high, employers who cut hours to avoid offering coverage, and we did NOT get to keep our doctors or existing coverage.

The President has also been true to his word that he will fight for the rights of unborn children.  What a gross and disgusting display last week of leftist women marching on the streets to promote murder.  And all these years I have heard what a disgusting, rude and foul group we men are.  We don’t even light a candle to what they just put on display.  Including one celebrity that voiced an opinion on blowing up the White House!  Shouldn’t she be in jail?

A lot of America is freaking out because things are being said and done that a Politician promised us.  I will give credit to Obama for doing what HE said he would do.  He said he would Fundamentally Transform the United States of America.  However…none of us thought he would ever do it OUTSIDE the Law which in my mind is treason or at the least illegal.

America has a President that has actually taken action on what he promised us.  And he’s doing it WITHIN the existing Laws of our Country.  Goodness…the audacity of someone keeping their word!!


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