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When Donald Trump began his campaign for the presidency, some sighed, others scoffed at the ridiculousness of such an undertaking, while still others had a hearty laugh. Members of the political class, media, punditry, Hollywood, and business community believed it all a waste of time.

The candidate did not stand a chance in hell, as some were inclined to put it.

However, there was one highly respected and experienced political figure that emerged from the growing toxic atmosphere and what seemed endless cacophony of doubters and detractors, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. The senator had been a loyal supporter, advisor and influence throughout most of the campaign, and would eventually be named as attorney general.

Under the constant and daily onslaught of detractors of the new Trump administration, and following a brief uneventful meeting between then Senator Sessions and the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the campaign, and for that reason having to testify before a congressional committee, Attorney General Sessions deemed it necessary to recuse himself from overseeing the investigation into the Russian influence probe.

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Attorney General Session’s recusal eventually lead to deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein stepping forward to steer the ship, and appoint special counsel Robert Mueller, and the rest is history. Justice Department ethics lawyers and a number of legal minds have stepped forward and intimated that the Sessions decision was correct under Justice Department regulations.

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The president has voiced his disagreement, and feels that AG Sessions had betrayed him for stepping aside and not having advised him before hand of his intent, thus giving birth to a special counsel with carte blanche powers to spread as wide a net as he feels appropriate. Mr. Trump has on more than one occasion criticized the attorney general and referred to him as “beleaguered”. But what alternative did Sessions have? It is uncertain at this time whether Mr. Sessions, who has stated he will remain as attorney general as long as it’s appropriate, will in fact remain or be asked to step down.

Aside from all this hoopla, I believe it would be a monumental mistake for the president to force Mr. Sessions from office. Although Mr. Sessions’s candidacy for the office was not widely accepted and was denounced with derision and accusations of past racism by most democrats and the liberal progressive establishment, he has been a loyal supporter of Mr. Trump from the very beginning. And aside from what most people think, which was that jobs and the economy were the main reason for the working class vote, I believe it was what many of us has been witness to over the last several decades, a devolving culture in America.

The threat to religious liberty, abortion on demand, the homosexual LGBT agenda, same-sex marriage, assault on law enforcement, social engineering of the military, all played an equal if not a greater part in Mr. Trumps victory. Many have come to see Mr. Sessions as an attorney general, a morally righteous traditional values crusader, and chief law enforcement officer in the land, and that he will take control with a firm steady hand and challenge corrupt social mores that are slowly destroying this great nation.

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