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I’m a little sick of reading so-called conservative pundits criticizing President Trump for pulling American troops out of Syria. Even leftists are bitching and moaning about it and this bipartisan stance on Syria only displays what kind of stranglehold the Deep State has on America.

Remember what happened the last time Trump said he was going to pull troops out of Syria? In case you forgot the “White Helmets,” staged a false flag gas attack resulting in another one of a string of bomb attacks on the small country.

Things got so bad with Syria that America and Israel forced the Russians to get involved. Syria was and is, after all, Russia’s ally. After Barrack Obama’s regime created ISIS in the region which destabilized the entire region Russia had little choice in the matter but to step up. It was either defend their allies or just sit back and watch the West destroy the nation which has clearly been their intent for decades.

Syria has had enough of our shit. Whatever crimes we think Syria has committed against us (which I have yet to see proven), that country has paid for it a hundred times. How unsurprising it is that Middle Easterners see America as evil.

It is time to put the Middle East to rest and with it, Afghanistan. We have tortured these people enough for 9/11 and it is very likely these people had nothing to do with it and that the fault lies closer to home …. or with allies. Whatever future these people have we have no business interfering in and our nations interference as well as other Western nations interference especially England’s, has consistently resulted in failure, turmoil, and massive amounts of deaths in the region.

Trump is right about bringing our troops home from Syria.

We should never have been there in the first place and the same is true of Afghanistan. In fact, we should have left these regions years ago.

The only question is whether the Deep State will allow it.

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