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As a citizen of Arizona, It makes me sad but furious to know that the state of Arizona is now represented by two of the worst Republican Senators in the 2017 United States Senate. How in the hell did a solid conservative state like Arizona wind up with these two politically deleterious people, John McCain and Jeffery Flake; what a pair.

John McCain was once a real American hero, but that was decades ago. Now McCain is just a twisted, ill, bitter old man who is much more concerned with what he considers his petty personal revenge; his stubborn opposition to anything President Trump needs the Senate to pass, his spiteful obstructionism results in McCain’s betraying his constituents and his country.

I still honor John McCain for his service in Vietnam. But he now needs to retire and I hope when that occurs, he lives that retirement in comfort with his wife and family.

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Jeffery Flake was elected Senator in 2012 as a fiscal conservative. I didn’t really know much about Flake when I voted for him. Other than Flake, my option was to vote for a left wing liberal democrat. Since Flake’s election it has been only too obvious that Flake is actually a flake. He has shown he is not the man he represented himself to be. He has not supported conservative programs in the main and is now well known as a never Trump RINO. A couple of months ago his approval in Arizona was only 18%, it is lower than that today. As a Senator he made one of his few intelligent decisions when he made his quit decision, he would have been destroyed in the primary if he ran again and he knew it.

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But let’s start off with John McCain. During his captivity as a prisoner of war, John McCain was a hero at the Hanoi Hilton prison in North Vietnam. The North Vietnamese had offered McCain release and a trip home because his father was a high ranking admiral in the United States Navy. The communists thought that McCain would jump at the release. Of course that offer was a blatant propaganda attempt to cause embarrassment to our country and demonstrate American weakness. John McCain, to his eternal credit turned the bastards down. Having served in Vietnam, I will always honor John McCain for the courage and character he validated at the Hanoi Hilton, that will never change for me; because he refused that release he was brutally tortured for his bravery.

Then McCain became a politician. About 28 years ago McCain decided he might become president of the United States. However about that time McCain got caught up in the “Keating Five Scandal.” The scandal had to do with the Savings and Loan legislation problem in the 1980’s. Keating was a large Arizona home builder/developer who had contributed a lot of money that was judged to be illegal to the political campaigns of McCain and four other politicians. After McCain got smacked around on that scandal he decided that just maybe if he stopped being a “Maverick,” which at that time he desired to be known as, and instead became “Bipartisan” he could bring over some Democrats to his side to gain more support for his presidential yearnings.

McCain then put some of his bipartisan contemplations into effect and got in bed with far left democrat, Russ Feingold, and in 2002 they created the “The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.” The fact that it appeared very close to being unconstitutional either didn’t bother McCain much or maybe he didn’t understand the bill himself. Perhaps he wanted to show the world he had contrition for his past finance shenanigans. The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act turned out to benefit the Democrats, the Republicans not so much. Many Republicans went a little sour on McCain at that time. As expected the Supreme Court threw the Feingold/McCain effort out as unconstitutional.

McCain’s next political fiasco was in 2005 with Teddy Kennedy; “The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act.” As one might expect with left wing Democrat Teddy Kennedy involved, it was all carrot and no stick. Pretty much, “hey welcome in all you illegals.” Of course the Dim’s loved it. The country rejected it; again McCain wants to appear bipartisan by buddying up with another far left Democrat. Why would John McCain put his name on such a bill with Teddy Kennedy that fat boozy philander? Well McCain probably believed it would make him look important and presidential; that must have sounded good to him, even though the bill was going to wind up hurting his party and his country.

Now comes 2007 and here we go again. John McCain and Teddy Kennedy, that terrible duo, once more come up with an awful immigration bill with little border security enforcement in it. “The 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act.” That bill, if passed, would have opened the doors for another huge wave of immigration from Mexico. Again McCain puts his reputation on the line with a deeply flawed bill, but this time it could have cost him his job, what was he thinking? The county again rejected another terrible immigration bill he had sponsored with a left wing democrat and at that time the state of Arizona was full of radio and T.V. commentators verbally flaying the hide off McCain for doing so.

At his next senatorial election, had the Arizona Republican party been able to put up any reasonable primary opposition candidate to McCain, I believe he would not have been reelected. However the Arizona Republican party doesn’t seem able to walk and chew gum at the same time, as it has displayed over and over. Example: Flake; someone in the Arizona Republican party must have known who this guy was on the down-low, but still sponsored him.

In 2013 McCain, once again goes into full tilt overall failure mode with another immigration mess; “The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act.” In 2013 the Senate was controlled by Obama, the democrats and of course this abysmal bill, centered on amnesty for illegals, was going to pass there.

However in 2012 “We the People” came out, voted, and made sure the House of Representatives became controlled by Republicans, (the first indication of the coming massive rejection of Obama and the Democrats by the American people). The Senate had to have known their bill was going to fail in the House and thus would never be enacted. Still the Senate enthusiastically supported by the “Gang of Eight” proceeded with their amnesty bill that had the full support of President Obama.

The infamous Gang of Eight:
• J. McCain Republican – AZ
• J. Flake Republican – AZ
• L. Graham Republican – SC
• M. Rubio Republican – FL
• R. Durbin Democrat – IL
• C. Schumer Democrat – NY
• R. Menendez Democrat – NJ
• M. Bennet Democrat – CA

Here we go again; The Obama controlled Senate was determined to burden this country with another terrible immigration bill, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” What the hell were four Republican Senators doing supporting this amnesty bill? What these Republicans seemed unable to comprehend was that what the country badly wanted passed and put in place was not their bill, but a bill that insured;

“Comprehensive Border Security Reform.”

Both Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeffery Flake supported this flawed piece of immigration perfidy. And it should be a “no brainer” that any Republican who agrees with almost any Senatorial legislation which has the enthusiastic support of Democrat Senators Schumer and Durbin has lost touch with the principals that should govern their political lives. Amen to that.

Senator McCain what happened to you since Vietnam when you were a real American hero, one that I admired greatly?
I think it will be interesting to now address Senator Marco Rubio’s role in this 2013 immigration insanity. Senator Rubio was first elected to the Senate in 2010 most of the others in the “Gang of Eight” were buried so deep in the D.C. swamp they couldn’t find their way out with a flashlight and a map. After what Rubio told the people of Florida about his views on border security and immigration why he was so foolish as to be a part of that group is astonishing.

Here was Rubio’s stated position on securing the border and immigration when he was running for his first senatorial election, ”we’ve got to SECURE THE BORDER IN OUR EXISTING SYSTEM FIRST before we can even begin to have a conversation about the other elements of immigration.”

As a part of the “Gang of Eight” the bill Rubio was supporting would, without any doubt, have opened the flood gates of immigration and amnesty long before any action to secure our southern border would have taken place! How things change for politicians once inside the “swamp.”

Poor ole Marco, he was one of the new guys in the Senate at that time. On their flawed immigration bill, all of that gang of old swamper’s must have convinced Rubio, him being Hispanic, to be a very vocal advocate because he (Rubio) would add ethnic validity to their cause. I can just hear them telling him his political affiliation with the “Gang” would be good for him, get his name out to America and make him well known to the American public.

Well McCain, Schumer, Durbin and the rest were absolutely right in that respect, Rubio became well known for his support of that open borders, amnesty loving immigration bill and his support for that bill almost certainly destroyed any chance he might have had to win the 2016 Republican primary election for president.

Well Marco who knows, you might still have a chance in the future if you don’t promise one thing to the American public and then do the exact opposite when you have the power to do so. Oh that’s right I forgot doing that is standard operating procedure for far too many of our politicians.

Now let us now descend into the saga of Senator Jeffry Flake. To start with Flake has just come out with a new book, “The Conscience of a Conservative.” As I will show Flake is not and never has been a politically conservative Senator, and since he continues to lie about it, he shows all he has no conscience; so much for his title.

Jeffery Flake wasn’t born in Arizona he was born in Utah, the same state that Mitt Romney came to life in. Isn’t it quirky how these two so called “Utah born Republicans” both try and rain destruction on Donald Trump? It was nauseating that in 2016 Romney gave speeches that were amazingly far more virulently and personally negative against Trump than anything Romney had ever said about Obama during Romney’s presidential campaign.

Now we have seen Flake take much the same political stance against President Trump as did Romney; of course Flake is now paying the price for his folly, believe it, since he was so caught up in the D.C. swamp he had lost contact with the real world in Arizona and it wasn’t until his falling poll numbers were brought to his attention that his world fell apart and rather than become destroyed in an Arizona primary, he decided to cut and run.

Jeff Flake penetrated the Senate in 2013, after 12 years in the House of Representatives. In his time in the House I cannot find any piece of critical or important conservative legislation he initiated. Now in the Senate has established himself as another Republican politician who doesn’t accept the 2016 election. He is a proclaimed “Never Trumper.” Flake was elected in Arizona because the voters in this conservative state believed him when he identified himself as politically conservative, is he?

The Conservative Review Liberty Scorecard, whose mission is to provide best in class information on conservative political speech, votes and political positions scored Flake with an appalling 53 percent. That score is also known as an “F.”

Flake is not a conservative.

• In 2013 Flake capitulated to Obama and refused to sign a letter pledging to defund Obama Care.
• Flake joined Democrats and supported Obama’s executive amnesty orders.
• Flake voted to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, gee how did that work out?
• Flake joined Democrats and voted to advance gun control legislation.
• Flake joined Democrats and voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood.
• Flake voted for Obama’s treacherous Iran nuclear deal.
• Flake vigorously supported Obama’s Cuba appeasement decisions which we now know ended up providing money for the Cuban military.

Here is a message to Senator Flake, and for all of the Republican “Never Trumpers.” In the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump won the election in 2,626 of the 3113 voting counties in the United State of America, Hillary Clinton won the election in only 487 of the voting counties in the United States of America. Do the math, President Trump won 85 percent of the U.S. counties, and Hillary won in only 15 percent. The people of America gave Donald Trump a decisive electoral victory.

To be elected President in today’s America, 270 Electoral College votes are required President Trump won 304 Electoral College votes Hillary won only 227. President Trump won 57 percent of the Electoral College vote, Hillary won only 42 percent.

The message the people of America sent to Senator Flake and all of the other never Trump politicians is writ large. Donald Trump won a decisive victory in the 2016 Presidential election. The American people supported him and still do. Senator Flake, you and the other pompous “Never Trump” dupes have been demonstrating to the American people that you care not that Donald Trump won a vital election and that you don’t give a damm about the American people or their decision. Could it be that President Trump’s agenda will greatly reduce the billions provided by Major Corporations and lobbyists to D.C. politicians for their assistance they give to those entities, you know just saying, “follow the money.”

Donald Trump’s essential election victory brought to a standstill a decades long progressive left wing wave of destruction to traditional America and traditional American values; an election victory that gives our country a chance to once more “Make America Great Again.”

However Senator Flake and too many others dig in and start acting like spoiled brats when they cannot have their own way; that if every aspect of President Trumps agenda doesn’t make their own personal list of acceptability, they pout, stamp their feet, mutiny, scream and tell stories to our corrupt media, they refuse to understand who put them in office, what ideas resonated with the American people that got them elected and what the American people want from them in the office they occupy. Some Republicans had better soon wake up and start to understand their constituents, too late for Flake and McCain.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by


28 years honorable service in USAF. 5,000 peace time flying hours, 903 combat flying hours. After retiring from USAF, became company officer (Vice President Sales) for three companies, two national. Retired once more in 2005 and have been writing an anthology on decisions made by the Obama administration. At this time I have over up essays completed.


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