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I was recently asked “Why do “Democrats” always get away with murder?”  Democrats is in quotation marks because this reference is to the Communists who label themselves as democrats so we the people will find them more palatable. However, they are not democratic in the least! They are communists who practice deception and have for a very long time. They are insidious and people always fall for their game. What these communists have others do not, is patience. They are willing to wait generations to make their goals happen. That is why they keep us so frantic and busy, it keeps us from being able to see their long term plans!

 America was warned in the 1980’s by a Russian defector. No one listened and the media did not cover it, so I doubt you even heard the man tell his tale. 

Communism had not always had the name but the idea of dominance over a nation is as old and society itself. If we look back over the last 150 years or so, we can see moments where ideologues have successfully pushed an agenda that in one way or another which sent us inching closer and closer to communism in America. Since Abraham Lincoln refused to allow the South to succeed we have had less than covert attempts to change America. I am not saying there weren’t things being done before, but Lincoln made the national government have power over the states as a whole for the first time. Thus began the decent into the mess we have today. I am sure Lincoln did not intend for things to devolve as they have but he was certainly used as a catalyst to begin some very dark roads in American history. In other words, he set the precedent of government dominance.

Since Lincoln, we have had an income Tax and federalized (ran by private banks) money system that led to America being removed from the gold standard. This was a direct violation of the founding father s intent for America. They knew fiat money was the downfall of a nation. How did they know? They were students of history and had knowledge of it happening before. Unfortunately, our education system teaches our children that people that long ago in the past were stupid and did not know much. That is not true, our founding fathers were very intelligent people, just because they hadn’t been to the moon or driven cars does not mean they were ignorant fools!

On education, our educational system is where communists have done the most damage. They have repeatedly rewritten history.  At first it was small things to discredit our country’s founding and omit stories of insurrections and revolts by “simple” everyday people. Or other pieces of history that fit their agenda. Then in the 1980’s or so they took full charge in the manipulation of the education system. It started with the whole “fund education” cries from the democrats. How could the Republican refuse? It just made them look bad, right? They should have exposed the real intent behind the efforts. They wanted more money in the education system to pay for yearly rewriting of our children’s text books. Previously, they had to replace books when worn out, now every year or two, the kids get whole new books. Properly edited and rewritten to educate our children in the proper thinking the elites want them to have. First it was just history, then science, and then finally math. Everything they have changed was intentional and for the purpose of making our people ignorant and blind to the real things they are doing to conquer us without even firing a shot. It is the only way our nation could be defeated. This is directly because of how our “simple” founding father set us up. They knew freedoms value and knew power hungry people would try to destroy that freedom. They expected us to stay vigilant in protecting that; but we have failed!

Another way they have set about to destroy America is by expanding the federal government. With the children being taught to rely upon the government more and more, it became easier and easier to expand the federal reach. They would decry an issue as desperately unjust and needing government intervention so much so that eventually the masses agreed to a new government alphabet agency to control another portion of our lives. They have used this tactic so well we do not even blink anymore when a new agency is created! How after more than 200 years can we possibly need more government?  This is why they are creating the narrative that we need them more. The only purpose for more government anything is to take more power from the individual and give it to the government. This has happened so much that now we have a “president” who is making law by executive fiat via executive orders; and who is stepping up to stop this madness?? NOONE!

No one is doing anything to stop the madness because they are either part of the problem, or deluded into thinking it will do no good because they will go to jail and be punished severely for standing up for their rights. That alone is proof we are living under tyranny! We all collectively tell ourselves it cannot happen in America; we cannot become communists. Thank your public, government, controlled education for that idea!

So the democrats, and now even the Republican elites can trample our rights, control our bathrooms and steal our rights away while we blithely go about our busy, busy, busy lives and are oblivious to the damage. Bringing the Republicans into the equation has given us the mantra, “It’s the Law”. This further solidifies our dependence upon another government agency to enforce violations against individual rights. They have also manipulated our churches to go along with the mantra and now the medical field has been taken over and soon doctors will tell us what treatment we receive not what we actually need.

As much as I see this all happening under my nose, I also see people doing nothing to stop it. Everyone is too busy obeying the law, doing their politically correct things and letting the state “educate” their children into being good little sheep for Big Brother. Anyone who is paying half a moment of attention to the things that are going on can see it. They may not understand what they are seeing, but they know they are seeing something. Sadly, they shrug their shoulders and mutter “There’s nothing I can do about it” or “they don’t listen anyway” and go on about their busy, busy lives. Carpool, soccer, dance recitals, Baseball, football and tennis. Why do we get involved in so much stuff? Could it be a government study determined that busy kids are successful kids?  Why do we accept their statistics and study results? Because we have been conditioned to believe the government has our best interest at heart and they are on our side.

Individual rights are what we have lost. Learn about it and discover what American freedom is supposed to be. Then read this again and ask yourself, how busy are you and are you willing to let your children and grandchildren live under communism without a fight?


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