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Is there a serious problem in our Society? Have our friends and neighbors lost their way?  Or perhaps by some quirk of science has someone indoctrinated them into some sort of diabolical frenzy of belief?

No, this is not an outlandish conspiracy theory; I am trying to face reality here. It is very difficult to see and to understand the behavior of many of the Democratic Party followers; I am even surprised at the behavior of Candidate Hillary Clinton upon getting the news that she had lost the election. I understand her reaction was difficult for her staff to witness. And she said nothing publicly to her followers, after her brief concession call to her opponent.

It seems to me that a brief public announcement by her, immediately after the election was called, would have negated much of the protests and violence that followed. She could not accept the loss, and consequently neither could her followers. Even when the protests became loud and boisterous, she, or even the President, could have spoken publicly to condemn and denounce the actions by the protestors.

However, Mrs. Clinton and the President, seem to be adding fuel to the fire. She by her silence, and the President by his “waffling” of his opinion on the issue of the “…hacking….” of the Emails. Many of his comments now, are directly opposite of words he has spoken in previous speeches.                                                                                                             It is somewhat beyond my comprehension, also, to see and understand the fervor which the Democratic supporters of Mrs. Clinton have adopted in their quest to remove Mr. Trump. The voting re-counts have been done, and he has actually gained votes. And as of this writing, the Electoral College has confirmed the vote of Donal Trump as President-elect of the United States and will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017.

The behavior of the protestors appears to be fringing upon absolute civil disorder. I have been reading as much as I can on the prophecies made in the Bible, and also by those who have interpreted the works of the Prophets, regarding the “Second-Coming”, and the anti-Christ. I began researching this when I started hearing comments and remarks that were being made about the two nominees. Of course, I must admit, that I also found myself alluding to the nominees in this manner. And just yesterday I saw an article that headlined a comparison. When I returned to my computer, to read the article, it had been removed.

One can only assume the comparison to be somewhat understandable in view of the adamant, and unrelenting attempts, to stop President-elect Trump from being inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017. It is as though these detractors are motivated by a fear, or a cult temperament. They are very close to replicating the fanaticism of the religious revolutions in the long ago time past. The excuses they make, the manipulation of events, the “fake news articles”; they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. It is almost frightening to the civilized world to view these events.

Is it truly the beginning of the end of times? One has only to see the devastating climatic events we are experiencing in our Country to fortify the belief of such. And have we in the United States actually made a choice between the anti-Christ and the “Second Coming”? If so, did we make the right choice? God help us!

Let us hope this is all too coincidental. Let us pray, seriously and actually, let us pray; that whatever we have wrought, let it be the will of God.

My friends and neighbors, we may be facing tumultuous times for these next few months. Let us try to be patient and not take part in the violence. Let our authorities deal with the events. Try to go about your business; do not let fear rule your life. Just be very much aware of your surroundings. Help each other to face bravely whatever it is that God has in store for us.


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