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During an immigration roundtable in Long Island, New York earlier this week the President took his Democrat detractors to task for their decision to defend MS-13 in an effort to undercut Trump. The President said that the moment the Democrats came “to the defense” of MS-13 it was “the end of them” politically.

“Democrats have to abandon their resistance to border security… I noticed recently where Democrats, Nancy Pelosi as an example, are trying to defend MS-13 gang members. I called them animals the other day and I was met with rebuke. They said they’re people. They’re not people, they’re animals…

The records are being set but they are still coming in. We need immigration laws, we need strong laws, and we’re going to get them. It’s moving. It’s harder and harder for the Democrats to fight them. Look, I’d like to say it’s just people doing it and they happen to be Democrats. They are very well unified in this regard but they are starting to breaking up now. Finally, they’re starting to break up. And the other day was actually a great day when they were coming to the defense of MS-13. They’re coming to their defense and that was the end of them because nobody, nobody understood it. Nobody. When they started rationalizing and, ‘maybe it was the way they grew up, and maybe it was but we’re stuck with a big problem.”

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