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Democrats say they are too smart and know much more than the general public.  If you examine Democrat representatives you find that most of them are blithering idiots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters, or devout hucksters like Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren, or dedicated deceivers like Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders promoting their socialist totalitarianism as benevolent.  These are the people who import Latin-communists and Islamo-Nazis, put men in women’s bathrooms, say that your gender is not determined by your genitalia, promote women’s health through abortion killing babies in the womb, and run about like Chicken Little declaring the sky falling and everybody is gonna die because of American white men’s industry.  Then they say it is Republicans who are “fear-mongering, gay-hating, racist, xenophobic Islamophobes.”

As the saying goes, it’s not paranoia if they’re really trying to kill you.  The left’s global warming and climate change scams encompass everything involved in the left’s socialist ideology.  Invoke superiority, inflict fear, and impose restrictions on all the people while the elites reap the benefits.  This hoax has been perpetrated on people for the express purpose of controlling populations to do the bidding of their rulers.  When vacuous fools like AOC get elected to Congress and spews such brainless propaganda such as; the world is going to end in 12 years because of climate change, that people building great businesses to make money is immoral, that socialism is the greatest system of government, and that America must adopt socialism to save the world, there is no greater proof of leftist indoctrination controlling the minds of the uneducated.  Climate change scams have been being committed for ten thousand years.

French President Macron committed the ultimate screw up in raising massive taxes directly on the people to pay the government to “SAVE THE WORLD” from their fraudulent man-made climate change.  The French middle class came out by the millions to protest his new additional $2 gas tax.  The socialization of France has seen their taxes rise to over 60% of their income as their hours working were cut.  While leftists joined the crowds to attack police, riot, loot, and burn, the righteous people demanded Macron rescind his tax.  Rather than do so, he put six-month delay on its implementation.  This last straw resulted in the people demanding his removal.  Well, all I can say is you fools voted for him just as American fools voted for Obama.

But when Obama shut down American energy, Americans did not take to the streets to demand his ouster.  That’s because the Democrats did their taxing through stealth.  He imposed the ObamaCare tax under the fraud umbrella of healthcare for all even as he shut down oil drilling offshore and on federal lands, and closed coal mines with a stroke of his pen.  The result would have been disastrous were it not for states buying coal and oil from foreign countries to import making our enemies rich again.  Most people are completely ignorant of these facts and liberal Democrats haven’t a clue that fracking, which Democrats have also been trying to shut down, has made America the #1 oil producer in the world.  To leftists that is sacrilege incarnate by rightwing heretics!

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While the lunatic fringe of the Democrat Party is planning on how to colonize a dead planet like Mars because they believe the Earth will become uninhabitable in a hundred years, the morally intelligent adults in the nation look on at them with incredulity.  If rich Democrats believed that mankind’s CO2 pollution would destroy all life then they would all stop using their private jets, big cars, and investing in industrial production.  This is the same backward thinking that liberals use to uncover the truth when Comey says he doesn’t remember any of the facts of the illegal FISA Warrant used to spy on Trump but declares that he knows it was legal.  It’s as illogical as Democrats declaring nobody knows who is trying to come over the border illegally but declare they know that none of them are criminals even after intelligence agencies reveal about 10% of them are known criminals, gangs, and terrorists.

Most Democrats only learn the lessons of France to not steal the people’s money out in the open.  Only complete doofuses like AOC want to raise taxes on American gas to equal Europe’s $7/gal rate.  If Democrats raised gas taxes by $5 a gallon you can bet that the entire nation would rise up in a raging fury.  But remarkably, thanks to massive voter fraud, Democrats would still get 50% of the vote at the next election.  This all speaks to the dull-witted gullibility of the majority of America’s population.  The fact is that the great global warming scam is not something new.  This scam has been going on for millennia.  But uneducated liberals wouldn’t understand that without a detailed explanation.

Climate change scams have been committed for ten thousand years

Do you think this “the world is going to end because of climate change caused by man” is anything new?  It has been perpetrated for ten thousand years.  Don’t believe me?  Then attend and learn:

Tribal stone age cultures all have the same political structure.  They have a chief and a shaman.  The chief rules by might and the shaman rules by wit.  You don’t think the ancients believed they could change the climate?  What do you think a rain dance is for?  Why do you think they would sacrifice virgins in volcanoes?  Chicken Little thinking is the uneducated barbarian tribal thinking that mankind is somehow responsible for changes in the climate and can affect a change by some action for their own benefit.  Whether it’s appealing to rain gods or damning product waste, leftists use their scams to control the people.

They are able to do this because liberals are easily confused by small problems.  “They can’t see the forest for the trees” means they see a puddle of pollution and believe that it affects the entire world.  They fixate on a small pollution problem being a global disaster because they think in small terms without understanding the big picture.

Remember the gulf oil spill in 2010 when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded?  Do you think that was the only massive oil spill to ever happen in the gulf?  Do you remember how many leftists were crying what a global catastrophe it was?  I remember hearing one say that the entire coastline of the United States from Texas to Virginia would be covered in oil.  What actually happened?  Some oil got on the Louisiana coast and some tar babies came up in the Florida panhandle.  That’s because the oceans have oil seeping in them all the time and there are microorganisms that consume it.  Still, there are liberals who believe there is a vast cloud of oil killing everything in the sea.  They cannot comprehend that the oil leaked from that well in the gulf amounted to a drop in a bathtub.

Are you old enough to remember the first Gulf War against Iraq?  Saddam Hussein set fire to every oil well in Kuwait.  Leftist “scientists” like Carl Sagan predicted a nuclear winter and the destruction of all ocean life in the Persian Gulf.  Nothing of the sort occurred as American oil well fire master Red Adair went to Kuwait to spend a few weeks putting out all the fires that leftist scientists said would burn for centuries.  People like Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye “the Science Guy” are all part of the leftist cabal of “scientists” that promote leftist religious dogma.  Democrats say 97% of scientists believe in climate change.  That’s actually 100%.  The 3% they don’t want to count are those who vocally oppose their religion of man-made climate change.  Most of the rest won’t for fear of Democrat reprisals.  The truth is that mankind has no more power to affect the climate of the planet than they do of growing plants on Mars.

These leftist zealots think man can kill Earth and want to colonize a dead rock because they don’t understand how life works.  CO2 is not a pollutant, but a byproduct of life.  Life on Earth is carbon-based because of carbon coats the entire surface of the planet.  Organic molecules are composed of carbon.  Plants grow from carbon.  Animals consume that carbon.  The only thing that burns at low temperatures is carbon (low-temperature meaning under a thousand degrees).  Nothing can grow on Mars because there is no carbon in the soil and no oxygen in the atmosphere.

Liberal’s lack of scientific knowledge is exposed in their foolish belief that other planets can be so easily colonized by just bringing people and plants to its surface.  While there are movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” that are silly liberal fantasies, there are some like “The Martian” that uses good science in telling a story.  They should take the time to see this movie and learn something about what it would take to colonize Mars.  But seeing one man grow food in his own poop may not be enough to teach them the enormity of the task of supporting a human population on a barren planet.  They also don’t understand how carbon works.

There are people who think that catfish and pigs are “unclean” creatures because they are “bottom feeders” that feed off of and wallow in excrement.  Do you think those vegetables you’re eating are fresh and clean?  What do you think farmers use to fertilize those vegetables?  The problem with leftists is that they are wholly ignorant of how the world works.  Carbon excreted by living creates either as fecal matter or their dead decaying flesh goes back into the soil for the next living creature to absorb to grow.  The elitists who spurn catfish believe lobsters are a delicacy without thinking about the fact that they are bottom feeders, too.

Some liberal even snuck a line into “Aquaman,” the new movie that made the aquatic king super cool, about the Atlantean ocean dwellers “resenting land dwellers for dumping their sewage into the sea.”  This is very funny when you realize that they actually live in what is essentially a gigantic fish toilet.  The fact is that everyone and everything lives off of the waste of other life.  Organic organisms all feed off of and survive on the organic molecules of other organisms.  Tell a liberal this and then ask them to explain how the first organisms survived or where organic molecules came from and watch them dance the jig of fools.

Those who have their elitist noses so high up in the air that they can’t smell the stuff of which life is made don’t understand that their ignorance is why they fail at life.  It takes life to generate life.  Only parasites and predators live at the expense of others and that’s what leftism is.  They ennoble predators when those creatures are nothing more than powerful scavengers that prey on the old and weak and the very young.  There is nothing noble about predators.  There are only people who admire their power over others to take by force what they want.  Leftists prefer to exert power over others by force because it’s easier than doing it by stealth or coercion.

“Might makes right” is the oldest saying of the leftist.  “Might for right” is the saying born of Christian men who fight to protect the weak rather than exploit them.  Where the righteous give, the leftist takes and justifies themselves by blaming others for their lack of having everything they want.  It is the nature of animals and barbarians to take everything for themselves without regard to others.  With a civilized man there is consideration for others.  Those who rule by force and duplicity are tyrants and those who rule by example are leaders.  Leftist Democrats who fly their private jets and live in huge mansions telling the little people to drive smaller cars and not heat or cool their homes, then blame Republicans as the greedy rich, are prime examples of what thinking Americans do not admire in Washington.

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