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We have less then thirty days to the election, and even less with early voting. Much of the media is blocking anything that could hurt Hillary. The Democrats blame the Russians for the leaks, if true , IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO INDICT. The leaks to WikiLeaks could be a mole someplace within our own government.

The major media have tried to bury as much of the dumps from WikiLeaks as possible. The dumps show so many improper  and cover ups  that one has to read them for them self.,

Try and stay on the issues, and forget charges that are old and can’t be proved about Trump. Remember:

  1.  Trump is an outsider.
  2.  Trump s not p[art of the  DC establishment.
  3.  Will protect the deplorable and the infidel,
  4.  He is for freedom of religion if it is compatible with democracy. Islam and or Sharia law could be limited.
  5. His immigration, refugee, and foreign policy will counter a policy that could have strong Muslim bent.
  6.  Trumps loss of money was his own or that of people who gave by choice, not the taxpayers.
  7. . With his business experience he has created jobs, made contracts, dealt with government regulations and taxes; working with both genders and all races of various income levels.

President Obama and Hillary have taken creating a  religion  unto themselves. This is done by cherry picking various religions and denomination then adding some personal ideas. Obama had two Muslim fathers,  converted to Christianity , and supports LBGT. Hillary was raised a Methodist,  but is she now a follower of that teaching? One of her top aids, Huma Abedin is Muslim. Top donors to the Clinton Foundation, are Muslim.

Trump’s policies are race and gender neutral, Integrity  is the top issue when all the American people pay for the consequences. What is done in the Oval office is of concern. What is done in private can be very disgusting to many if found out. Does committing adultery and some crude language   top baring false witness, killing, coveting power, and removing religious freedom?

Women, minorities, and millennials would do better with Trump.


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