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I am convinced that the government, at all levels, wants to keep Americans from being able to defend themselves.

To do that. they want to criminalize ANY item that can be used in self defense, especially guns.

Way back when, I was in security, and did a stakeout on a gas station we thought was the next target of a robber who was going around the city robbing gas stations. But he outsmarted us and robbed a different station, drawing me away from the one I was sitting on, and he murdered the guy working there.

They thought I might be the killer and put me in jail overnight. When my lawyer got me out the next morning, they kept my nightstick, saying it was a “dangerous weapon.” Many years later a cop accosted me, saying the two cell metal flashlight in my pocket could be a “dangerous weapon.” I told him that if I ever used it that way, we could discuss it then.

Both of these events told me a lot about the opinions of law enforcement and government. ANYTHING that can be used in self defense, they want to take away.

Never mind law breakers don’t bother to obey ANY of their absurd laws and carry their own weapons to use in victimizing the law-abiding.

Soon they will want to criminalize heavy glass ashtrays; or baseball bats, or anything else that CAN be used as a “dangerous weapon. The way to shut down anti-gun fools is with one question: “What makes you think DISARMING yourself is the way to self defense?” Or, “What makes you think a lawbreaker will OBEY a law that says he can’t have a gun to use in victimizing the law-abiding?

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, until the anti-gun fools begin to take note, which is unlikely.

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