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Answers…and questions.   

How far does one have to stretch their imagination to determine that Hillary Clinton didn’t break any laws?  Unless you are brain-dead or have a very narrow field of vision you cannot help but hear about all the things that she has done…and the things she didn’t do, on the way to garnering the power(which is what she’s after) that is the Presidency.   Let’s take a cheap shot here and use the meme

“Hillary lied and people died”, which is not just true, it’s ghastly to think about.  With Mrs. Clinton it’s possible to go way back and see a pattern of deceit.  It’s just been one thing after another, usually with only certain people to be affected.  Now, with the admission of the hacker, it could very well be the safety and security of the entire United States.  In my not-so-humble opinion she ranks right up there with Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose, no slouches when it comes to betrayals.

Now and then one of my readers will ask what would my plan be on a certain situation, and there’s always my stock answer: I have a plan but you may not like what you hear.   A good example is our Southern border.   We have thousands of veterans that would be excellent border guards, if we put my solution into the mix.  Generally speaking the weather along our Southern border is mild, so a tent or small shack would suffice for “quarters” stationed about every 100 yards…just the length of a football field if you need a reference.   The veterans could be “deputized” by the local sheriffs and would stand eight-hour watches.  Radio communications over that short a distance would be no problem and if worse came to worse, use semaphore or flags.  The deputies would have the authority to capture and detain illegal aliens and turn them over to the Federal Border Patrol which, it’s hoped, would not be using the catch-and-release system.  Weapons could be their own personal weapons, or something issued by the local law.

Still on the subject of veterans I have a solution for that problem as well.  In EVERY VA facility there should be a six-foot poster that says the veteran has the option of a CHOICE card, and with that card he or she can use an outside medical facility…no questions asked.   The limitations would be pretty much what they are now, and I believe that it only disallows things like cosmetic surgery(unless it was a wartime injury).  It should cover things like dentures, but not cleaning because if you cannot chew your food it’s a problem, but you can clean your teeth as millions do.   This would have to be hashed out, as my solution is a basic one and I’m certainly not a doctor.   The present situation with the VA must be changed, soon and for the better.  Don’t put political hacks or donors in positions of policy…try to get people that are either in the field now or have SOME experience in the field.  Veterans, by and large, are well-disciplined and while most of them will never speak of their wartime experiences, you can bet your bottom dollar they don’t need a “safe place” because somebody wrote something in chalk on a sidewalk.

What’s the best way to keep the United States alive and well?   That’s an easy one to answer.   You present a military to the world that is so strong that no one would dare to take us on.   That might mean a return of the draft and if that is what is needed, so be it.  Now let’s understand something right here…everyone in an age bracket, male and female, would be eligible for the draft unless they are mentally or physically incapable of performing certain duties…but, they might be able to do other duties.  Example, a person in a wheelchair is not going to be able to go on marches, but they could do things that only require sitting at a desk, at a computer or planning meals…you get the idea.   That business of fleeing to Canada?  That’s going to be a no-no and we’d work with the Canadian government to have them returned and put into jail…or join up.

Along with a strong armed forces we’d have to straighten out the mess that is the InFernal Revenue Service(and that’s “service” like what a bull does to a cow).   The manual or code or laws, whatever it is that the IRS calls it is so full of holes and dispensations for this, that, and the other that it is completely unworkable.  There is something called The Fair Tax that I urge you to look into.  The name tells you just about all you need to know about it.  Nobody escapes it, you take home your entire paycheck with no deductions and April 15th becomes just another Spring day.   When you hear politicians talking about tax reform, ask yourself “How much reform are they willing to do?”  If it looks like a shuffling of tax brackets and keeping exemptions, that is not reform.

Parting shot: Hey…I could go on and on because there’s so much that needs to be done if the United States is to return to being the shining city on the hill…instead of the shanty that it has become.   Wake up America, your country needs you…desperately.

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