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Here we are yet again.

Another mass shooting has occurred and already, just hours after the fact, the call for more gun control has begun.

We all are horrified by the events of today and every time someones life is needlessly taken. Now, more than ever, we need to be sensitive, but resolved in our defense of the second amendment that is under attack each day.

One of the main problems with our defense of the second amendment is that we have given the left a foothold where none should occur. Today, an assault rifle and a firearm were used in this attack. Right there is the problem. We are using their vernacular and giving them leverage where none should be had. Ask most people what an assault rifle is and they think fully automatic rifle that is capable of unleashing a torrent of bullets with a simple squeeze of a trigger. The problem is that there is already a word for that. Machine gun. If that was the weapon used thats what would have been stated. Instead, they use the word assault rifle to intimidate and create fear.

See, another shooting with a horrible assault rifle, how can anyone support these weapons?

The first line of defense when discussing these gun control measures is to ensure that people are actually aware of what it is they are actually trying to ban. For those of us who are conservative, but not exactly a gun enthusiast, it is important to educate yourself. Learn what the dreaded AR-15 actually is. Educate yourself on the differences between a “assault weapon” and a “sporting rifle”. These seem trivial points, but they are not. By allowing the left to create terms we are allowing them to control the  tone of the debate. This is of paramount importance. While there is little chance of changing the mind of the farthest left; there are many who are simply uneducated and who would be willing to listen to reason.

We cannot allow the left to win simply by creating scary terms that people do not understand.


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