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Another invasion is coming toward our country from Central America through Mexico with the intent to illegally invade the United States of America.

This caravan invasion started off with about 300 people, then it grew to about 3,000 and is now estimated that this mass of illegals is approximately 7,000 to 14,000 strong and continuing to grow as it proceeds toward our southern border. Most of these invaders are from Honduras but there are also many from other Central America and other countries. What’s going on?

Well here is one explanation, the Heritage Foundation has published an article by Ana Quintana titled, “Caravan Activists Are Weaponizing Poor Central Americans.” Ana Quintana travels to Central and South America and is an expert on those areas.

Here is a portion of her article. “This caravan was organized by Bartolo Fuentes, a former Honduran legislator and member of the radical leftist Libre party. Libre is not a political party but a destabilizing movement. Libre is an ally of socialist governments in Latin America like the Castro and Maduro regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.”

Anyone who by now doesn’t understand these invasions have always been a left wing ploy to disrupt politics in our country is a candidate for Nancy Pelosi’s job.
President Trump has told us that the invading caravan has criminals and unknown Middle Eastern people involved in it. Our rotten and corrupt media is sending out a constant stream of their normal swamp effluent about how bad Trump is for degrading these poor people.

Now we have American reporters at the scene reporting they have discovered people from India, Bangladesh, and Africa in that caravan. Guatemalan intelligence has discovered MS-13 criminals and ISIS in the caravan. There is absolutely no way we can vet these people trying to invade our country.

The Democrats and their puppet media want Americans to believe the people who make up these invasions are only doing so because of crime and social unrest in their countries, the truth is most of their ability to make those journeys comes from left-wing political operatives with agendas to destabilize governments.
Why does no one ever ask the question, why are these people running away from a political situation they can’t stand in their own countries, why don’t they have the guts to stay home, organize and change It; why don’t these men and women, many of them young, with full lives ahead of them, why don’t they love their countries enough to remain, organize, and change their countries for the betterment of the people living there? If people do not have the courage to do what is necessary, no matter what difficulties or dangers there are, who wants them in any other country?

If our nation’s founding fathers had run away to France or Germany because they didn’t like the British way of governing their American colonies, we would now be singing “God Save The Queen” not that I have anything against the Queen of England. But thank God we had strong, brave men and women, who loved their land’s, stood up and fought a tough war, a war where many of them died, to live in a country they controlled.

As we all know, this invasion is far from being the first of its kind. There have been many more. Literally, hundreds of thousands of illegals from Central America, Mexico, and other countries, using Mexico as a gate and invading our country; all of those invasions were planned and financed through Soros’ Cabal. Here is a portion of an article I had published in 2016 titled “Invasion” it still applies today.

“Does anyone really believe that thousands of young people, teenagers and children are just walking from Central American countries, through Mexico, no problem? Come on man, give me a break. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps millions of dollars being used to finance this invasion. Where do poor dirt farmers and laborers in Honduras or Guatemala etc. come up with the huge amounts of money it takes to finance this massive movement of people?”

Well we just learned that a Florida Republican politician posted a one-minute covert video that shows women being handed cash to join a group that is a part of that slow moving mass making its way north to Mexico and into the United States. Finally maybe some facts about what is really taking place with these invasions and why some truth about this one is now starting to come out, it’s about time.

• Why this caravan starting now. The Democrats are very concerned about the statistics they are receiving on Hispanic voters. Those stats show that Republicans may receive substantially more of the Hispanic vote in 2018 than the (29%) they received in the in the 2016 election, or that a large percentage of Hispanic voters may just not show up to vote. If either one of those stats factor into the election, the Democrats have a major problem. The Dim’s hope that adverse media coverage about President Trumps handling of this latest caravan problem will generate a backlash against President Trump in the Hispanic community. Therefore the Soros money starts flowing, the caravan is organized and here they come.

• The actual reality about the architecture of these many invasions, how they take place and who is the paymaster for them is not too hard to figure out.

Here are the conclusions I came to in an article I had published in 2106:

“We have a massive movement of unprotected young people, and as we have seen, few adults with these young people and children, many of them young girls. Those people are in clear danger when basically making a dangerous walk from Central America, through Mexico.

In the last few year,s there have been tales of rapes and beatings on the Mexico/Guatemala border, committed by Mexican border control guards on individual’s for just trying to cross illegally into Mexico.

Now we are supposed to believe that those Mexican authorities just turn a blind eye to thousands of people illegally crossing their heretofore sacrosanct border because all of a sudden Mexico just doesn’t care anymore, who is trying to B.S. who?”

“That doesn’t pass the common sense test. Somebody is getting paid off with a ton of “Pesos” at the highest echelons of the Mexican government in 2016.”

“In today’s world, everyone knows about the human trafficking problem that is a major dilemma in many countries. The capture and enslavement of some of these unprotected young girls, on this dangerous journe,y would make these animals mucho money. Why wouldn’t these subhuman criminals take advantage of this opportunity to capture some of these vulnerable children, for the extreme profit available to them, who could stop these dangerous but politically protected criminals in Mexico?”

“The only reasonable answer is that someone with tremendous financial power is providing those funds to the organizers for these invasions and to high ranking people in the governments to assist and protect these exposed people on their dangerous journey. The money it takes to finance this invasion, and to provide the protection required is not just happenstance, there is a major plan at work here; something extremely sinister going on. There is too much money involved in making this invasion work for it not to be an immense and well organized plan to destabilize America.”

“The families in the Central American countries whose children and young people are involved in contributing to this planned invasion are not a part of the wealthy classes in these countries. The moneyed families send their children to other countries in 1st class environments to travel, be educated etc. they don’t put them on dangerous journeys for political reasons. Believe it the people in these caravans, with the illegal intent to invade our country, are in the less than wealthy classes of people in those countries.

So let’s try and bring some reality to this problem:

In 2018 the “Coyote’s” that bring illegals across our southern border charge about $ 3,000 to $ 4,000 per head; just Google it. The coyotes may not be directly involved in these invasions, but their cost figures probably apply for those invaders on a multi-thousand mile journey. Here is the annual per capita income for the following countries:

• Honduras $ 2,730 .00 U.S. 2017
• Guatemala $ 4,146.00 U.S. 2017
• El Salvador $ 3,463.00 U.S. 2017• Nicaragua $ 2,565.00 U.S. 2017

Why would anyone with a brain believe that Central American families in these middle and lower financial income classes would take more than their entire annual income to send their children on a dangerous journey to illegally invade the United States of America, when President Trump has publicly avowed none of them will be allowed to enter our country?

No my friends those Central American families are not paying for that trip, the people in those caravans are being paid to make that trip, there are very large sums of money being paid to allow those young people to make that trip and that duplicity has been going on for years.

So where are these vast sums of money coming from? Wel,l it isn’t from Nancy Pelosi’s under the table multi-million dollar income no it is from the many George Soros cabals whose only purpose is to finance chaos and the destruction of free capitalist societies. George Soros is the nexus of evil in the western world today.

It isn’t hard to figure out. Use your calculator and multiply the normal coyote fee of say $ 4,000 by oh I don’t kno tow say 200,000 people. My calculator says $800,000,000. The hundreds of millions of dollars expended are not coming from those Central American countries, why? Wel,l just a couple of examples.

• The Gross Annual Domestic Product of Honduras in 2017 was, $ 23,000,000
• The Gross Annual Domestic Product of El Salvador in 2017 was $25,000,000.

There isn’t enough money in those countries to finance caravans of thousands of people invading the Unite States.

The United States is the major obstacle to the George Soros strategy to turn the Western world into a Soros version of a Marxist, Progressive, Socialist “Paradise.”

The various Soros cabals absolutely know that if their subsidies to our Democrat party and its puppets, to overwhelm our Constitutional Republic fail, they will fail in their quest.

The complete collapse of their hopes in the 2016 presidential election was beyond their understanding. They actually believed Hillary would be president. They still cannot understand why it didn’t happen and that fear is the reason for the insanity in our country since the 2016 election of Donald Trump. If President Trump continues to succeed, they lose perhaps for decades, perhaps for ever.

However here was a template for the destruction of capitalist, democratic societies. It was published in the 1960’s by a couple of Marxists named Cloward and Piven. Cloward and Piven were not just your ordinary garden type of Marxists; they were solid anti-democratic Marxists to their very cores, they probably could have given Stalin some lessons. They published a thesis, the intent of which was to hit democratic countries with a tidal wave of demands from people on many fronts, so many demands those democratic countries couldn’t possible fulfill them and chaos would result, democracy would fail and Marxists Socialism would prevail; so much for their thesis.

However, might a tidal wave of illegal immigrants cause immense political disruptions in our country, you bet, just look at “DACA,” “Catch and Release,” “Don’t Build the Wall,” “Family Separation.”

Keep in mind that all of the above problems can be successfully solved, but under the current political situation in our Congress, the Democrats have, can and will impede or stop any solutions. The terrible facts are that Democrats are very happy with allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals into our country open borders are just fine with them because they fully believe that situation will eventually lead to the political success they so desire.

So what does our country do to stop this current immigration insanity? Well, what has happened so far is:

• President Trump has announced that our federal Government informed those Central American countries that if those caravans were not stopped and reversed the U.S. would stop all foreign aid to those nations.
• Interestingly Honduras’s foreign ministry, in a statement reported by local news, said the caravan was being politically manipulated in order to make the country look bad, just days after its leaders were in Washington promising better cooperation with the Trump administration; sounds like Soros and the Democrats got their fingers caught in the cookie jar.
• President Trump and the New Mexican president elected this year, agreed to act together. The New Mexican president and Mexican immigration authorities vowed to stop members of the migrant caravan at the Mexican border. Those migrants wanting to enter Mexico will have to follow immigration law or will be turned back.
• Yeah right, that didn’t work out so well as we now know that the Mexican border police couldn’t stop the caravan and now are actually escorting it through Mexico toward our southern border, why am I not surprised?
• Finally, President Trump has vowed that if nothing else works he will send our military to the border with orders to prevent anyone from illegally coming into our country. Politically tough situation.

Nevertheless the biggest problem we have with “caravans” and other illegal immigration on our southern border cannot be blamed on anyone but ourselves. Oh yeah, that’s right us!

We have to fix our asylum laws, our immigration laws, many loopholes have to be fixed. Of course, that requires congressional action on immigration. As long as the Democrats have 48 seats in the Senate, and many of the necessary fixes require a 60 vote majority to pass, nothing is going to happen. Mitch McConnell is going to have to go nuclear and make a Senate 50 vote majority work or the 2018 election is going to have to give the Republicans several more Senate seats and make some Democrat politicians face reality and vote with the majority.

However in the 1st Bush presidency in the early 90’s, Central American countries had a wave of economic problems. There were a couple of large groups fleeing Central American countries through Mexico to get jobs in our country. That created similar problems to what we are seeing today.

Here is how it was handled then. The federal government put up tents and placed enough immigration judges to handle the illegals at the border. They quickly moved through the fraudulent asylum cases. The concentration of judicial resources, accompanied by that tent city meant cases could be heard and decisions rendered in days, not weeks or months. That worked because in those years we still had a “loyal opposition” working for the good of our country. Not now.
The immigrants who had valid reasons to be in our country were admitted for a full hearing at a later date and the rest were sent home immediately. That immediately turned the torrent into a trickle and the whole Central American scam ground to a halt. What happened, well Barrack Obama happened.
Our current problem, put in place by the Obama administration, of course, it was, is that there is now a maximum time set that illegal immigrants can be held in custody before they have to be released “Catch and Release.”

Those that are released are given a time to reappear for a court hearing. Only a very small percentage (about 2 %) ever show up for that hearing, they are walking around this country under little control, and if in a sanctuary city or state, even if they have committed crimes against Americans, those criminals are almost never punished in accordance with our laws.

The American people know the problem. Candidate Donald Trump told all he would build “The Wall.” The American people understand the wall is the first piece of the puzzle to rebuild a sovereign nation that was a major reason why Trump was elected. We know why the Democrats will never build one, what is hard to understand is why Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell didn’t have the guts to stand with their president and fund it. Roll on November 2018.

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