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One year ago yesterday marked the first anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, where 49 people were slaughtered and another 53 injured.

Most, if not all, main stream websites acknowledged the anniversary. The interesting but predictable thing about virtually all these remembrances was that most did not actually mention the shooting. And only one, the New York Times, even mentioned that the shooter pledged his loyalty to ISIS.

The Times was doing a retrospective on one of the victims who survived, recounting the man’s injuries, so they had to recap the incident. They did get the closest of any to telling the whole story. “…Omar Mateen, motivated by the Islamic State, randomly riddled club-goers with bullets from an assault rifle and a pistol,” wrote the Times. Of course they also had to mention the guns, particularly the “assault” rifle.

Yet in none of these dozen or so anniversary reports was the word Islam or Muslim ever used. A few used IS and Islamic State in passing, but no more than that.

A Washington Post article, mentions Omar Mateen once, but never acknowledges his pledge to ISIS, or that he was a Muslim.

Most articles instead filled up the space with virtue signaling and promotion of the LGBT “community.” Oh, I’m sorry – the LGBTQ community. Let’s try that again. It has now morphed into the LGBTQ+ community. Can we please stop with the run-on acronyms? How many more categories can there possibly be?

The various articles chronicle the many makeshift memorials filled with pictures, flowers, candles, teddy bears and rainbow flags. Not a single American flag or mention of U.S.A. It may as well been in another country.

Rather, posters adorn the walls outside the Pulse nightclub that exclaim, “#Hugs Not Hate.” Another said, “We Will Not Be Defeated,” and “We Will Not Let Hate Win.”

Now I realize that some of the people lost loved ones and are still in pain, but may I ask exactly what “Hate” they are referring to? Are they trying to imply something specific, or is it more mindless sloganeering? I’d like to say it is the latter, but I’m guessing it is the former.

The HuffPo is representative of leftists, of which surely encompasses this “community.”

The Huffington Post chose to honor the memory of the dead by pushing the LGBT agenda and slamming the President, who wasn’t even President last year. “Take some time today and consider how you can become an ally for the LGBTQ+ community. Under the looming shadow of Donald Trump, there’s never been a more important time to stand in support of LGBTQ+ rights,” pontificates the HuffPo.

Excuse me, but on whose watch did this massacre occur? And by whose hand? President Obama was still “in charge” then – and I use that term very loosely. And they were murdered by a radical Islamist who called himself an Islamic soldier and pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State.

And may I ask – just what are LGBT rights? Are they special rights above and beyond what we heteros get? If so, where can I get some?

The fact is, the person who violated your rights was a radical Islamist who, like all Islamists, hates you because you are not also as Islamist and because you are not heterosexual.

If the LGBTQ+UIZ?EM%H “community” really wants to honor their fallen, rebuild the Pulse night club. Make it twice the size, and every anniversary you can host the nations largest “remembrance” bash. If you do nothing but erect rainbow memorials, sit around crying over them, and display meaningless signs, hate did in fact win.

But remember, it was Islamist hate that killed and terrorized your friends. It wasn’t Donald Trump, republicans, conservatives or Christians. We may not agree with your lifestyle, but we do not hate you.

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