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To all Americans Letter # 1 April 25 2016

We are trying to start a grassroots movement. We are going to send you a second letter. It is about the takeover of America by first the Mexicans & then second by the Muslims. We have been doing research on these two groups for over four years. Everything in the letter is based on facts & is actually happening now.

History lessen—In the history of North America, there already have been two major takeovers. The so called “white man” took over America from the “Indians”. The French took over Quebec Province from the English.

In both cases the Indians & English were out-populated.

I don’t have to tell you what happens in America when the Muslims take over. Do your own research.

There are at least 22 ISIS training camps already in America. The Obama government says that they have a legal right to exist. [ Google ]

In the State of Florida there are now 99 new Mosques. They were all built in the 7 years since Obama took office. That’s just in Florida. We have their addresses if you want to check it out.

All we ask is that you PLEASE read the letter. If you agree, then please send it on to everyone you can & have them send it on to everyone on their E-mail list both Republicans & especially Democrats. This is very important. All we’re trying to do is make Americans aware of what is happening here in America by spreading the word.

We can’t imagine any real American NOT passing this on especially Veterans.

We were NOT prepared for Pearl Harbor or 911. Let’s NOT be unprepared again.

This letter is not about politics. We are veterans & took a Military oath to defend the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN & DOMESTIC.

Thank you

Angry American Veterans

If any of you Veterans out there are angry at what our Government is doing to America, then you just joined our organization.

Please forward this letter to everyone on your E-mail list.

The letter was originally sent to the GOP headquarters.


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