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For less than $7 you can make an atmosphere simulator to see the future effects of CO2 increases said to be apocalyptic, will cause us to flee Earth for Mars, a planet with no air or water? This is what we are told by Federal government scientists who work with multi-million Dollar computer systems and programs that cannot predict the weather five days out! They flub every prediction they made!

Federal fear mongering bureaucrats base their anxiety on work done in the late 18th and early19th century. As one who has actually done this work for Quantitative Analysis 300 in college finding it difficult to the point of impossibility, and utterly reliable, have serious doubt about the validity of early work.

For openers the time of day is critical during the growing season as green plants change local CO2 concentrations greatly overnight when they produce CO2 while performing life functions. Turn the page…

“LinkedIn” is an on-line social media for professionals. To join you put in your credentials, college credits, degrees, etc. Of the 241 in my group 158 are physical scientists and I started with offers to send each an eight page paper entitled “CO2 Is Innocent” describing my simulator as a “climate change” test, a hot topic with them.

After sending 30 offers, with no takers, I shifted strategies, changed the title from “CO2 Is Innocent” to “Proving Climate Change,” which means testing it, cut the paper to four pages, omitted the conclusion, made it “open ended” and sent it with a polite invitation to review and try it. This version went to 128 scientists and engineers many of whom were Federal employees and academics in colleges.

I received one positive response from a professor and four nasty, angry reactions from four Federal employees so I am waiting for a four door Plymouth, two guys with hats, to pull into my driveway.

My one positive respondent did not write one word in his reply, but put a “thumbs up” figure in the text box. I wrote back to thank him and got another “thumbs up” figure, but not one word!

Three of the 128 came back with nasty diatribes questioning my sanity, science, pedigree, and legitimacy, accuse me of being anti-science, anti-American and “in the pay of big oil.” Two threw Jim Hansen’s “forcing,” “feedback loop” and “greenhouse gas” nonsense at me so I responded asking for references noting those terms are not in the literature, the “Handbook of Chemistry and Physics” published by the Chemical Rubber Company, any of their six journals, “Langes Handbook” or any reference for physical scientists. Nor will we find them anywhere else.

Only one responded to my answer so I backed up to run over him a second time pointing out that Hansen’s “forcing” concept and claim that “Man-made CO2 stays in the atmosphere 1,000 years” fly in the face of Frederich Wohler, the man who killed “Vitalism” in 1832 by demonstrating all molecules, regardless the source or synthesis, are the same. That did it. He quit, but it was only one of 158 that defended man-caused “global warming” or “climate change.” What does this all mean?

I hope most of these people realize man-caused “climate change” is only an idea and should be tested. However, my greatest fear of 29 years is that these people have been so poorly taught they do not believe science truths and facts are subject to test. Testing is our greatest tempering force and strength.

On this first blush it appears more than 99% of this group, which I believe is representative of this time, has lost the idea of questioning authority in a constructive way. The only detectable emotion I have seen from this group of adult scientists and engineers is hate for anyone who would challenge an idea with nothing more than money and power behind it. Laugh not. Fact and truth are greater. Money and power are transitory: here and gone. Fact and truth are forever.

The financial analysts at Forbes Magazine estimated the “global warming” fraud had cost our economy nearly $1 trillion a few years ago. It may have been astounding, but it was a “low-ball” figure when we consider this sample, which if true say that much of science education for 29 years appears to have been wasted.

The shadow of Dr. David Reismann is tall and casts long with “The Lonely Crowd” in mind, describing the post-war generation of Americans as people who would be “other directed.” I knew in 1950 he had it right and so we are.


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