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There is a delicious irony in watching vicious critics doing somersaults in an effort to cover their tracks! And it comes hard on the heels of yesterday’s UNESCO debacle.

UNESCO, against all logic, history, archaeology, sense and biblical truth, said the Western Wall and the Dome belong solely to Muslims, insisting that it has never been in Jewish hands or used as part of Judaistic religion. They voted twice to come to their ridiculous conclusion, after much harassment from Islamic nations.

Even so, archaeological finds continue to show just how bizarre Islamic claims are. And international outrage abounds.

But, surely the best proof (next to Biblical records) against the Islamic claim comes from an ancient Muslim!! A Muslim inscription clearly refers to Beit al Maqdis (or, Beit Hamikdash in Hebrew). To the horror of Islamists, this means ‘the Jewish Temple’! (Source: Ninth annual conference on archaeological discoveries, held at the Hebrew University this week).

The inscription is dated in the 10th century AD, and is found above a mihrab-prayer niche in a mosque of Nuba. So, the slap in the face comes not only from an ancient Muslim inscriber – but it exists in an Islamic mosque! (Jewish Press, Oct 28th).Talk about a ‘double whamee’!

Thus, from very early in the history of Islam, Muslims recognised that the ‘Dome of the Rock’ belonged to Judaism and that it once was the location of the Jewish Second Temple. Perhaps UNESCO and Arabs will ignore this evidence, too?

In the early days of Islam synagogue meetings were held on the Mount by Jews, after the fashion of Second-Temple services. These services were performed atop the ruins of the Second Temple, starting 691AD, using a shrine built upon the Foundation Stone by architect Yazid Ibn Salam.

It is painfully obvious that early Muslims knew The Mount was considered to be Jewish. Just denying it over a thousand years later is not sufficient to erase the truth, that the Mount still belongs to Israel..


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