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I grew up in a town where Republicans could hold their meetings in phone booths, there were so few of them. Almost everybody I knew was a Democrat. However, almost no Democrat was a Leftist loon back then, either. The party supported working people while Republicans supported Wall Street tycoons.

But such Democrats today are few. Those who haven’t switched to the Republican Party or now register as Independent, remain mostly because of tradition. Their parents and grandparents were Democrats. But, many voted for Trump in 2016. Many have joined the #Walkaway movement because what passes for a Democrat today would have qualified as a Bolshevik anarchist bomb thrower in decades past.

Today’s Democrats are more cult than political party attacking others with an almost religious zeal. They make no bones about hating the country that nurtured them yet pretend to be compassionate and care for the poor. They claim to care about everything from global warming to gay rights but oppose the Star-Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance because they love America.

They, however, are not your grandfather’s Democrats. As a party, their pols care about one thing, and one thing only: Political Control. The power to tell every man, woman, and child in America what to do and what not to do; what to read and what is forbidden; what career to pursue regardless of your dreams.

Democrats want to raise your taxes to confiscatory levels. They don’t care if you lose your job as a result, or your job has been shipped to Mexico because of “free” trade agreements. They’ll tell you how wonderful it is you get to spend more time with your family. Democrats in Congress and in college classrooms think they have the right to order you not to “indoctrinate” your children with the Bible. But, they reserve the “right” to indoctrinate those same children in Communism and teach our kids Jesus Christ is a fictional character. (Right, Alexa?)

As I write, an army of mostly military-age men marches north through Mexico to invade the United States. The Democrats are so desperate to gain (illegal) votes, they welcome this foreign army, and we already know Democrats have more sympathy for guest-murderers and rapists than they have for their victims—especially those in the Red States with Republican governments.

Today’s Democrats were mostly born in the United States and enjoy the protection of the Bill of Rights—rights they work to eliminate for everyone else. They demand we listen to them even as they attack people for speaking words they disagree with. They insist upon the right of trial by jury, and the assumption of innocence until proven guilty for themselves, but say We the People deserve no such protection. For us, it’s justice meted out by the Maoist Red Guards of 1960s China.

A Democrat tried to kill Republican congress members at baseball practice. In fact, a list with names was found along with a radical hate-filled Facebook page that somehow escaped the attention of Comrade Mark.

A Democrat killed scores of country music lovers because, well, because they love country music and even worse, they probably voted for Trump. Another mentally ill Democrat almost killed Gabby Giffords in Arizona some years back, but the Left worked overtime to blame Sarah Palin. The unvarnished truth is Democrats encourage violence. The more often a cultist shoots up a school or a nightclub, the better able Democrats are to scream for gun “safety.”

As every Bolshevik knows, an armed civilian population is almost impossible to pacify. So, gun control is at the top of the Democrats’ to-do list.

Americans go to the polls soon. We will select either normal people to represent us, or we’ll choose cult-like Democrats who will do anything to transform America into a Third-world Socialist dictatorship like Venezuela. Make no mistake, every single Democrat applying for office is a radical socialist that seeks political power by any means possible—even violence.

What must we do with people near and dear to us who are addicted to alcohol or drugs? We hold an intervention. We need an intervention for family members addicted to mindless violence as a means of persuasion. How do we intervene?

We ride to the polls, stand in line, and when our time comes to close the curtain behind us, we vote for every Republican on the ballot—without exception.

Simply an overwhelming, catastrophic loss at the ballot box will shake Democrats out of their hypnotic state. Only by prying Democrat hands from the levers of power can we save them and our country from being destroyed. Only when the shock of such sudden defeat sinks in will wiser heads prevail over the cultists.

Let’s rescue the Democrats from the Bolsheviks. On November 6, 2018, send a message that even a Democrat can’t misconstrue. Because, if you don’t, and they manage to seize control of the House, the violence will only escalate.

It’s time for an intervention. For their sake as well as ours.

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