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In this feverish election season, where the candidates of the two major parties are heartily disliked, the tendency of some voters is to think in terms of voting their “principles” and going with a third party candidate, or simply staying home.  Surveys reveal that something like 25 million evangelical Christians stayed home in 2012 because Mitt Romney was a Mormon; perhaps they were afraid that God would get mad at them or something.  The last four years have shown us how badly they served us by sitting on their votes.

Anyone with even an ounce of conservative principle inside must vote for Donald Trump.  Yes, he can be an insensitive boor, and yes he says very politically incorrect things, and yes there is no track record to assure us that he will do, or even be able to do what he says he will.  That said, I offer you the scariest three words in the English language – President Hillary Clinton.

This woman would not know the truth if he introduced himself with a business card.  She lies to stay in practice.  I would not believe her if she told me the time of day looking at her watch.  Furthermore, she has watched Barack Obama rule the nation like the emperor he says he isn’t for the last four years, circumventing or ignoring the US Constitution on so many occasions that most of us have lost count.  She knows that her Democrats in the Senate would not vote conviction on impeachment if Obama were caught on several videotapes robbing a bank with a machine gun. Does any thinking person not know that if she became president she would continue as he has, running the country by executive order, falsifying public records, and conducting “investigations” that never end so that her cabal can say nothing about the various scandals that will arise because the investigations are “ongoing?” If Obama’s “most transparent administration in history” has actually turned opaque until years of lawsuits finally find their way to a real jurist, who does not know that a Hillary administration would consist of a steel wall with a fence and a moat?

Therefore it is Trump.  If you have to hold your nose, vote Trump.  If you feel that you are betraying some higher principle, vote Trump.  If you don’t like his manner or his hairstyle, vote Trump anyway, because the alternative is a lying, thieving, thoroughly corrupt woman who, if she were not a Clinton and if anything like justice existed in the Justice Department, would already be in prison for treason for compromising national security for her convenience.

And please, if you are going to vote, don’t throw your vote away on a third party candidate or a write-in so that you can feel good about yourself and your high principles.  Ross Perot did as well as any third party candidate in American history and only succeeded in giving us Slick Willie Clinton twice.  The Republicans and Democrats have spent decades and billions of dollars over those years making it almost impossible for a third-party presidential candidate to succeed.  They can run, they can even win votes, but invariably their presence in a three person race guarantees victory to those they agree with the least.  In general, If a “true believer” runs against a more moderate person of similar mind and voters peel off to vote for him, neither will win and the office in question will go to the person least favored by either one.  It is madness to vote for someone from a third party.

The presidency will be won by a Republican or a Democrat.  To vote as though there is any other likely outcome is like buying a yacht on credit because you know your lottery ticket will come in.  Hillary Clinton is so bad that nobody could be worse who is not currently engaged in major crime.  Donald Trump is by no means ideal but the choice is between two people, and he is by far the lesser of two evils at his very worst.

Vote for Trump, urge your friends to vote for Trump, work for Trump.  If Hillary Clinton is elected president, I am not sure that this constitutional republic will survive her tenure.


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