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Just 97 days from today Americans will vote and elect a new President. Many will vote but few will be informed voters. The election of Hillary Clinton will bring swift destruction of what remains of America after eight years political famine under Barack Obama. Whether Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is the more evil is debatable; what is clear, is that a nation already ablaze in an out of control lawless wildfire under Obama, will explode from the accelerant fanning of these flames by the “Wicked Witch of New York”.

Only Constitutional Conservatives appear to be aware of the devastation that is coming. Others will awaken sometime in early 2017, to discover themselves enslaved literally overnight as Hillary Clinton uses her “first 100 days” in office to declare the Constitution and the Bill of Rights null and void.

Will Americans resist? Are we ready to put our lives on the line for Liberty, or will Americans be paralyzed with fear and accept the transformation of our nation into a ruthless dictatorship in which human rights have no meaning except for the globalists, elitists, Homosexuals, Radical Muslims, Black Power Extremists, Illegal Aliens, and Radical Environmentalists. The first act taken, will be to confiscate privately owned firearms and the unceremonious gutting of the Second Amendment. The next act will be religious persecution through the gutting of freedoms of religion, speech and association.

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Christians and Constitutional Conservatives will be hated, persecuted, imprisoned and ultimately, put to the sword.

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Are Americans prepared for this?

If not, you best not allow Hillary Clinton, monster in a pantsuit, to be elected on November 8. Should that happen, and Constitutionalists are not ready to resist, then ready or not, we will be a nation of slaves and America a living hell.

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Dale Summitt

Recently retired as an educator, with a background in teaching but primarily in administrative leadership, I fought the good fight for decades as an advocate for conservative principles being applied to public schools. While winning many battles, I realize now the war is being lost. Public schools, which I long supported, are now left-wing indoctrination centers and there remain few public schools in which this Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christian career educator would enroll his children or grandchildren today. As a writer and advocate of Constitutional Conservative principles and public policies, with a Christian Worldview, I fervently defend the historical fact that America was founded as, and has always been, a Christian nation. America is both falling away from, and being forcibly driven from, our Christian, Constitutional and Conservative Principles, Foundations and Public Policies. I am part of the fight to restore America and regain what has been stripped away by the wicked forces of the political left. American needs leaders who possess both intellect and character. We can regain a strong and free America, by trailblazing new ideas and pathways to restore liberty, justice and virtue in our great nation. The conservative and beautiful Central Texas Hill Country northwest of Austin, the Texas state capital, is where my family and I are permanently settled and make our home.


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