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The overwhelming direction of the United States is toward dependency.  Dependency on what or whom doesn’t seem to much matter.  The 2008 election of a politicians promising to allow more dependency based on redistribution schemes and entitlements that can’t be paid for was a significant testimonial to this trend.  When the argument for universal health care ignores all the failures in other countries and states that have tried it you know the mentalities addressing this issue are blinded by wishes of getting something for nothing.  Couple this with a political mindset that knows the way to the voters heart is through the promise of taking from someone else and somehow giving benefit to all ( except perhaps the haughty rich footing the bill).

The dependency is not just for “free” government benefits but a dependency for mind altering drugs ballooning from smuggling from Mexico.  This demand is a passive attitude that places short term gratification of escape ahead of long term planning and evasion of adverse consequences.  This in essence is the commonality of the druggies and the entitlement seekers.  As this attitude spreads more and more people look to someone else for whatever can be provided to alleviate their distaste for independent thought and action.  This country’s most significant founding document is the Declaration of Independence.  It was written for a nation that was besieged by irrational demands from Britain to be subservient.  The rebellion ignited a spirit evident in the self reliance required by the new nation.  There were no social workers to meddle and hand out redistribution “goodies’.  There were no pompous politicians with mobs of unthinking followers telling the populace of the security they could have from redistribution schemes.  There was only the individual who thought and acted as if everything in his future depended on him and him only.  Of course there were dependent oriented individuals looking for a free ride but the primary mover of the country was the independent self reliant seeker of self made fortune.

Today we have the seekers of government bailouts, the seekers of government healthcare, the seekers of government loans, the seekers of government grants, the seekers of government social services, the seekers of government food stamps, the seekers of government special favors and the seekers of government solutions to problems that government can only compound.  Expectations from an agency whose primary method of operation is force has led to the fear that an all controlling government can inflict. The government that does for you can also do to you.

The dependent’s cry of, “ I couldn’t help it” or “ it isn’t my fault, I had no choice” is total bunk.  Please see the chapter “ Its not Addiction, Its Choice” in my  book, “Thoughts and Commentary”. .  The argument of Lee Ioccoca that the government saving Chrysler was the “only game in town” was as phony then as it is today.  That statement was a declaration that the free market is over, failure unacceptable and government intervention in the market will save the world.  It only temporarily saved Chrysler and will have us all in rickshaws before they’re through.

The tea parties were a display of frustration which largely went unnoticed by those intent on their mission of socialism undeclared.  There was no unifying message from the tea party, which is ineffectual.  The target was government, but a muted cry that government should do more with less and save the economy.  The government cannot save the economy.  The government does not run a business and doesn’t operate on business principles.  It is essential to protect businesses from the initiation of force but when it implements what it is supposed to prevent, it becomes a powerful criminal element disguised as a benefactor.  Much like the mob protects the local grocery the government “protects’ the market.

Will America arise from the ashes of her downfall and regenerate the spirit of independence required to put government in its place?  Only if there is a recognition that government as it is now structured needs a revision that will make politicians as we know them today obsolete.  We do not and did not need people to get sanction from dependent minded voters to redistribute wealth.  Earning and keeping what you earn is the independent way.  If you do not own what you earn you cannot use it for what you need or want.  If private property is slid under the door to any beggar with a tear in his eye then dependency is king.  This is not the new world but an old world of dependency and redistribution that is as old as the history of man. The beggars have cried greed when someone dared arise above their station. The politicians bellowed and echoed as they rode in limousines, ate caviar and told the mangers of enterprises they would fire them if they did not do as they wished.  Did any one of the dependent voters see what had happened?  Did they see that the greed they had denounced was now in the hands of the politicians and was no longer called ‘greed’ but stature?  Just as the economics the politicians proposed changed deficit spending into “investments” and will not admit to the socialism it is, the affluence they demand and flaunt is simply supposed to be taken for granted.

shutterstock_286155977Being dependent on the dishonorable and dishonest is a fool’s game.  If you cannot trust your benefactor ( who happens to be an agent of redistribution) you are at the mercy of the capriciousness of mob outcries.  Asking for thieves to provide you with your needs is expecting their victims to never rebel or quit.  The dependents like the politicians think they can get away with it but more and more people are now realizing the end is getting closer and they may just not get away with it.  The outrageous spending found to be a mortgage on the future of offspring has awakened many who thought the scheme was innocuous. The” saving” of Iraq, the” saving “of Somalia, the saving of every country has put the most vulnerable country in need of saving the United States of America.  That would be self serving and we have mushed ourselves into apologies for our achievements, self imposed guilt for not being as impoverished as the third world countries that still preach and practice dependency and futilely stand by and watch missile development, uranium enrichment and threats.

The shores we invaded to free countries in the past had as an ideal the transformation of our way of life to theirs.  Today we reach out to say we are willing to accept your ways if you will only like us.  We do not need to be liked by countries that violate our founding principles and human rights.  Friends that admire us and our ways are the only kind of friends we should desire.  We have nothing to apologize for.  We only need to stand on our own two feet and expect the world to follow suit. First we must demonstrate that we haven’t forgotten how.

America’s Suicide “Bombers”

There are more ways to destroy a country than to wrap yourself up in a corset of explosives and set yourself off in a crowd of people.  In fact , as horrendous as this is, it is isolated and destroys a limited amount of lives and property.  Conquest by invasion destroys far more lives and property but there is a vastly more destructive process which is what we are experiencing today in America.  A slow death by a steadily declining standard of living coupled with the strangulation of a runaway government intent on regulation  taxation and unreasonable dictates adds up to torture, frustration and servitude.

Who are the “bombers’ who are making this possible?  Are we really on an irreversible trend that cannot have anything but a disastrous culmination?  What if anything can be done to reverse the trend of higher prices, more government regulation, a lowered standard of living and eventually a security infrastructure that is vulnerable to attack and conquest?

The “bombers” are the advocates of socialism who write and plead for government owned means of production in the form of such failures as “universal healthcare’ ( i.e. socialized medicine), regulation of business, government run businesses and a status quo trend that is clearly evident and frightening.  They prattle in the universities, on editorial boards of national newspapers, on television “news” shows and blog the internet.  They all have a commonality that is easy to identify.  They all advocate fantasy.  They ignore historical proof of theories they advocate that have been tried and failed.  They champion political candidates that blather about the wonders that government can do if only they will be elected.  They buy into the nonsense that government can grow in an unlimited fashion, deal with any issue and has the promise to make a better world.  They ignore such phenomena as the market, economic truisms, the state of government debt and ineptitude and the limited nature of government which only deals in fines , imprisonment, bribes and ever growing corruption when dabbling in the world of business.

These “bombers” wrap themselves in an insulated vest of bromides that need a fuse of encouragement from naive readers and students that take them at their word, never question their information and never challenge their premises.  The explosion doesn’t happen instantly like their counterparts in the Middle East.  The explosion is a slow simmering blast that makes a nuclear conflagration appear as a pile of burning leaves compared to the destruction they create.  Theirs is not a marketplace or a mall but a unique country that allowed them the freedom to propagate destructive ideas under the protection of free speech.  Had this country never been founded they would be the lackeys that beg for permission to live in a dictatorial hell.  But like the child that gobbles candy to the point of illness they push their freedom to blab with no regard to truth or objectivity, only the pandering of political favoritism and the pretense of socialistic solutions.

It is no excuse that they know not what they do.  The evidence of the “grand experiment” has notified the intelligent members of the world that no matter how you argue or how you construe words to hide the nature of your theories, collectivism just doesn’t work and the government is not a wise director of the means of production.  In like fashion an alternative has been presented of what does work , namely capitalism, as has been shown by the living standards of those nations most free to produce and distribute with less barnacles of government.  The security that governments are created to provide is compromised the minute the government utilizes the criminal activity of tax collection.  Once this line in the sand is crossed there is nothing the government cannot do that can be legally restricted.  The power to tax is the power to destroy.  And those who see it no other way continue sliding down the slope toward more and more government until the ultimate demise of socialism is upon us.

Every utterance proceeding from the premise of power and every denial of individualism, capitalism, freedom and America is a stick of TNT waiting to explode into the inferno of hate and despair that is the spiritual embodiment of socialism.  Then freedom to achieve disappears under the dictates of the government demanding that all children be fed, all business be regulated, all elders have health care and those who can provide must turn into sacrificial goats to pay the bills the helpless cannot.  Then as the currency dissolves into worthless pieces of paper and the coinage looks like tin foil, the wages cannot buy simple food and shelter, the aristocrats in political office prance around in opulence and the rumblings of revolution begin and all the platitudes that produced this historical cycle dissolve into blood and chaos.

Then to provide order and retain power the most ruthless arises to “straighten things out” and the gullible shout in the streets for the leader who will “save’ them.  You saw this throughout history, you are seeing it today in such places as Venezuela , Zimbabwe and the early stages are emerging in America.  Meanwhile the “bombers’ ignore the obvious, talk of trivia, endorse power hungry candidates, call for socialized medicine and pooh-pooh criticism via ignoring it.  They wrap themselves more tightly in the coat that hides their motives and wait for the fuse to ignite that which they pretend not to wear.

The” bombers” cannot win anything and their efforts are truly sacrificial.  Thus as they perish their suicide cannot be justified for any great cause.  It is simply a maniacal whim that is based on doing what they think their tutors would have them do.  Doesn’t this sound familiar to the physical bombers who die for their leaders as the leaders cry for sacrifice in a cause that only they benefit from?  But he American ‘bombers” don’t feel the explosives they are attaching to themselves.  Therefore in the world of pretend they adhere to they feel safe and whatever nonsense they do or say is not a problem.

It is internal detonation we should be conscious of, not the remote likelihood a cadre of Middle East terrorists will slip though to kill some of us.  From such an attack we can survive and build and grow.  We cannot survive as America if we follow the path the American “bombers’ are charting.  They need to know this and learn that America was not founded to emulate every socialistic dalliance that foolish theories can produce.  It is only neutralization of their ammunition that will achieve the foreclosure they seek.  And this is a rejection of any and all forms of socialism in the name of the moral and practical superiority of capitalism.

An Inevitable War…Now or Later

A power hungry dictator living under the delusion his presence before a chanting mob and armed thugs enforcing his decrees generates an appetite to conquer.  We’ve seen and studied this phenomena throughout history.  The most blatant was Adolph Hitler.  His rhetoric and actions gave us a lesson that too many unfamiliar with the actuality of his invasions and the appeasement that only encouraged his desire to create an empire where he would rule and have the gratitude of the Aryan race.  Notice the similarity of the attitude President Ahmadinejad of Iran and project the actions that will follow.

First there are those who are not taking his threats seriously. They are rationalizing what they see to be something other than what it is.  He is constantly testing and pushing to see his limits and as he triumphs over one recapitulation after another his boldness grows.  When confronted with threats of reprisal  and he observes nations like China and Russia balking ,he defiantly proclaims his indifference to the free world’s protests.  This is a man on a deadly mission and conquest is his goal.

Meanwhile we are either downplaying his progress or considering a bribe approach (called diplomacy).  It used to be a show of force, a buildup in the region was a clue that we will be prepared to bust his butt if he steps too far, but instead we are lying in wait like a fat lion that may or may not attack.  We will be tested and we should be ready.  We should begin a build up on the Iranian border demonstrating we will not allow a  maniac to shower the land with nuclear explosions.  They should know that our nuclear arsenal is aimed at anyone who has visions of conquest via the bomb.

The downside of waiting for a defining moment has many facets.  There is already a number of Latin American countries like Venezuela and Bolivia that are aligning themselves with Iran.  Waiting only helps them to build up their military strength and nudge us with challenges, encouraging Iran to do likewise. We are ignoring the obvious fallacy of a Middle Eastern country with vast oil resources seeking an alternative energy source. And there is no Muslim leader that would not want to rally all Islamic nations to join forces to annihilate the infidel.  This has already been orally presented.  The more a dictator talks of conquest and sees no organized resistance , the more likely he is to push for action commensurate with his rhetoric.  For those who think he is all talk ,they don’t understand the purpose of the rhetoric.  It is the precursor to seeing the sound of his voice resonated with action he has called for.  Israel better understands the threat than we do and at least responds with threats of their own backed by a history of following through on their word.

The United States is flirting with a catastrophe that it will perpetuate with a policy of timidity and what is being passed off as careful deliberation. There is no reason for the strongest country in the world to tolerate threats from fanatics intent on destruction of our way of life.  We will eventually have to fight and we know it. It will be far better to prevent a second Pearl Harbor than to witness a repetition of an unprovoked attack such as 911.  Even many of our own leaders have said ,”An attack is not a matter of IF ,but WHEN.”  What kind of a policy would put us in a position where we know we will have to respond to tragedy?”  Why aren’t our leaders stating.” We know if we don’t   preempt an attack ,we will suffer one?”  Such a statement would rattle a few cages in the Middle East to consider whether threatening  or planning an attack on us would be such a good idea.

The longer we wait to confront the enemy the longer he has to build up his military might, his alliances and better plan his attack.  This is the gift we are giving him by    puttering around with a pretense that a confrontation will be avoided.  We cannot reason with this zealot which we have witnessed.  If there cannot be a reasonable solution that garners agreement to live in peace, what is left?  If it is our position to negotiate from a position of strength, what in the world are we doing allowing our enemy to gather strength?  Our leaders know war is inevitable given our encouragement of placating the enemy.  If it didn’t work in 1941 what makes anyone think it will work today?

Suppose in the 1930’s we had advised Hitler that any attempt to invade any country would be met with the full force of an allied confrontation?  Do you think he would have been emboldened to test us?  If he saw the borders of Germany being surrounded do you think he would blindly attack  or perhaps quietly build up his forces waiting for us to show a sign of weakness?  Bullies look for weaknesses and they recognize the lack of confrontation as a weakness.  Backed up against the wall they plead they really meant no harm, but they lie and they cannot be trusted or encouraged in any way.

Iran is taking on the role of the Middle East bully that needs to be put in its place.  Since there is no other country that is willing to confront them, are we  going to let Europe fall like we did in 1941 and fight bloody battle after bloody battle trying to regain what we passively let a dictator claim?  Courage requires the ability to act on what you know is unavoidable.  Pretending a miracle will occur is a coward’s rationalization that the world is not as he knows it, but as he wishes it was. We are in Iraq which is very close to Iran.  There is infiltration into Iraq from Iran.  We can either recognize the opportunity of our position and exploit it or we can pragmatically withdraw for a return engagement after Iran attacks.  The choice is really not complicated.  We either fight now or later.   The advantage for our side is to fight now.


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