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From 2004 to 2008 I was a columnist for Magic City Morning Star News (Maine USA), and in 2009 I became the Acting Editor. (2009 to Feb 2016). Even before Barack Obama was elected President, we had writers trying to warn the American people not to allow him to become President. One of the writers used to get so much hate mail that he nearly went crazy.

In 2009 I wrote an article titled: Obama: The President the USA Deserves! After my comments I listed a few articles in which writers warned against President Obama and that then turned into a separate article which just housed similar article listings.

With all of the unbelievable things going on in America in this period leading up to the next Presidential election, I thought it might be time to revisit my original article. What prompted this revist was two particular articles here at iPatiot which I heartily recommend that you read. The first is Trump says Bombings Islamic Terror, Hillary says they’re Not by Dustin Koellhoffer and the second is Chaplains Ordered to Not Talk to Homeless Vets! by Rev. Austin Miles.

Please note that while this article was written in 2008, for the purpose of this article the only thing that has changed is the name of the President.

President Obama’s Legacy

I am writing this at my desk in China on the morning of November 2nd 2008. It is currently 9:30pm November 1st on the East coast of America. Within a few days, the United States of America will have a new president. It would seem at this stage that that President will be named Barack Obama.

My personal belief is that Barack Obama is a Trojan Horse.

In February of 2006 I wrote an article entitled : “Hamas, Israel’s Trojan Horse,” and I wrote a follow up to that in April of 2007 in an article entitled: The Trojan Horse Hamas. In that article I wrote:

Despite what we constantly see and constantly hear uttered by the Palestinian representatives, Western idiots never cease to deceive themselves into believing that they are hearing and seeing something other than what is actually taking place in front of their eyes.

It is my belief that in the sentence above, we could substitute the words ‘the Palestinian representatives,’ with the words, ‘Barack Obama.’ I hope time will prove me incorrect.

One cannot help but wonder how it is possible that the American People are permitting Barack Obama to continue on his race to the Presidency, whilst there are so many legal challenges to his candidacy left unanswered.

Obama Conspiracy – Fixed Game! : By Steven Shamrak

For the sake of democracy and the rule of law, whatever is left of them, shouldn’t American voters at least wonder whether Obama actually is a natural-born U.S. citizen and if so, why he has not allowed access to his original birth records and proof of his American citizenship? Why is no one from the press, which has an obligation to inform people about the truth and uphold American values, demanding scrutiny of: Obama’s extensive connections with Islam (nothing wrong with him being Muslim, but why does he deny that he grew up as one) and representatives of radical politics; who and why had financed his education in Harvard and why records are sealed?

I personally don’t give a hoot about who is President of the USA, and furthermore, I think that the USA is given too much importance in the minds and hearts of people the whole world over.

America is blamed for everything under the sun, but when anything goes wrong in the world, those same blamers are the first to demand that the USA do something about the problem.

America’s financial strength is the horse upon which the whole economic world wants to ride, but when economic disaster hits, as it has this year, then the whole world wants to blame the USA for all their economic woes.

America it seems is considered both a god and a demon, with the title changing on a daily basis depending on the circumstance. In my opinion, America is nothing more than a country, and if the world cannot have success without the USA, or if the world falters when the USA falters, then I must ask: “whose fault is that?” The world at large should grow up and become independent.

When the outcome of a Presidential Election determines the economic fate of the rest of the world, then something is simply not right. As for the political fate of the world, well that issue goes back to what I wrote earlier: America is to blame for everything until something happens and it is called to solve the problem. But why should it? Why should the United States of America be so disproportionately represented in United Nations military operations? Why should the USA be the one on whose shoulders the peace of the world must rest?

I don’t know why it should, but that it does is an inescapable fact. Therefore, this current Presidential Election is important. Of prime consideration is the domestic future of the nation.

Obama is a charismatic person. He is black, young and popular. He has the support of the young who don’t want a 71 year old McCain as leader. He has the support of Black Americans because he himself is black. He undoubtedly has the support of the Muslims because of his Muslim connections. He has the support of the Christians because of his Christian connection. He has the support of the other non-whites because he is not white. And of course he has the support of the Democrats because he is a democrat. He has it all!

There is a saying that ‘a Nation deserves it’s leaders.’ The American people should remember that. If Obama turns out to be a Messiah then the people should pat themselves on the back for having seen it and having chosen the right person.

But should Obama turn out not to be the Messiah to cure all problems; if in fact he turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, then the people of the USA will have to face the fact that they deserve him, because they willfully chose not to see what was clearly before their eyes.

There are too many unanswered questions. The most important of those unanswered questions, is: Why have those questions been left unanswered?

I believe that Obama is a Trojan Horse, and that in due time the American People are going to suffer badly for their mistake in choosing him as President. I hope I am wrong! But in that day should it come, the people of America will not be entitled to say: “He deceived us!”

They will not be entitled to say that because he has not deceived anyone who has chosen to have their eyes open. He has not deceived anyone who chooses to think rather than emote.

Maybe all of those who have questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s candidacy are wrong! Maybe there is nothing wrong with the man! Maybe he will be the best president the USA has ever seen.

But if he is a Trojan Horse, no one will be entitled to plead ignorance! They willfully and deliberately chose not to look at the legitimately raised questions!

The people of the United States are going to get the President they deserve! Those who close their ears and eyes to the truth will always be lead into darkness. All of those who have chosen not to hear the questions and see the reasons for those questions about Obama’s links to terrorists; his links to Islam; to the possible falsification of documentary proof of his legitimacy as a candidate, will deserve all the woes he brings on the USA – if in fact he is a Trojan Horse!

For your sakes people of the United States of America, I hope he is what you think he is!


Voting for the candidate of one’s preferred party is no longer THE ISSUE. The issue, after eight years of Barack Obama, is whether you want more of the same!

The original article Obama: The President the USA Deserves! has links and additional information.


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