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Well, I see The Post Star publication in Upstate New York is still following the lead of the “big boys” and continuing to print misleading information. It would have been nice to see our local boys show some backbone and stand on their own two feet. I guess it’s safer for them to “go along”. Maybe Senator Schumer is a supporter.

I stopped subscribing for home delivery a long time ago because of their bias reporting. I tried to sign up for the “E” edition, but I found their software to be of a lesser quality than most, so I unsubscribed from that also.

Isn’t it a shame that we, of a supposedly free Society, cannot rely on the Media to inform us in an honest and reliable way. Maybe we should return to the “Town Crier” method.  At least one could throw a tomato at him if he lied.

Some will still buy the paper even though we know what will be found. I guess we keep hoping against hope that things will change.

Many have been complaining that President Trump should not use Twitter. At first I was feeling the same way.  But when you think about it, perhaps he is right. He is trying to get the truth out to the people. At the risk of the constant belittling remarks, he continues to tweet his Twitters, and I support him in that endeavor.

If only our Legislative Department would show the same courage and fortitude, maybe we could get something done, and eradicate the oppressive Socialistic policies of Pres. Obama. I put him responsible for the influx of Muslim populations into the United States. I cannot accept the fact that they are all innocent of radical agendas. In fact, I believe the majority of them are instructed to do whatever they can to disrupt our values, principals, and Democratic way of life. If Sharia Law, and the Islamic Religion, are so wonderful, why did they leave it? They “supposedly” came here for a ‘better life’, but I don’t buy that nonsense. I would like to see my fellow Americans stand up for our Republic and our Democratic values. If anyone comes here and tries to change it, insist they go back where they came from. It is time to be a proud and strong American, and do not let anyone change our Laws.

The Democratic Party has been infiltrated and influenced by the very Liberal Professors in our Universities. This has been a slow and deliberate process since the 1960’s.

The 1960’s;  a time of religious cults, LSD, and other mind  changing drugs. That was also the decade of a Presidential assassination that rocked the entire world. Perhaps that was the catalyst. The younger generation idolized this President, as did many middle-class folks; and to watch the investigation as it occurred day to day, culminating with the Warren Commission report, it left too many questions.

Hopefully, putting a successful Businessman in the Oval office will get us on the right road again. That is our only hope, as the Democratic Party appears to be a waste. How disappointed the old time Democrats must be to see this change in ideology.

Let us hope and pray that our Black communities wake up and see the radical intent of the Black Lives Matter movement. They are only attempting to disrupt our Democracy. They are funded by many George Soros organizations. President Trump is creating jobs and opportunities; it is time for you to get into the mainstream of Society and realize that you are not as suppressed as they tell you. There is not the intensive racism that they have convinced you of, and the Education Department will be overhauled to more local control.

We are all Americans; race and religion be damned, we are one. And we shall stand together as one. And anyone in the Retail sector will see our wrath through their cash drawer when they refuse to acknowledge that their customers are there for them, as they should be there for their customers, no matter their background. It is time for the Retailers to realize that once they open their doors, they are in the Public domain. And they must serve the public, or move to another Country that only caters to one religion, or one race. It is time they (retailers) stopped hiding behind the first amendment to rationalize their un-American behavior of racism and discrimination.

This is America; where we intend to live free. Deal with it; or get out.

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