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Trump supporters possess various degrees of understanding of today’s famous and fiery motto, “Americanism Not Globalism!”

When one calls himself an American, what does that mean? What are the attributes of Americanism? What are the characteristics of this entity which brought about the Constitutional Republic? The following are the nine attributes, the nine virtues, of Americanism:

1. SOVEREIGNTY:  That we shall be governed only by our own people, and we shall keep control of our blood and our money in the hands of our own elected representatives.

2. THE COMMONWEALTH: By commonwealth we mean a state. The state grew out of man’s determination to settle in areas compatible with his temperament and his desires. The commonwealth (state) makes it possible for a citizen at all times to be close geographically to those who have authority over his domestic and personal affairs.

3. CHRISTIANITY: Men and women have never been denied admission to the U.S. because of their religion or lack of religion, but in 1893 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the tradition of America is Christian. This confirmed the fact that the nature, cultural and spiritual complexion of America is indeed Christian.

4. RACIAL SELF-RESPECT: Nothing in the Constitution specifies the color of the skin of an American. We have been generous and hospitable to men and women of all colors, and this spirit must be maintained, but the tradition of America requires racial self-respect. Our tradition has been fundamentally white.

5. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: It was never intended that the doctrines of statesmanship and religion and enlightenment should be pre-digested by an elite clique. Following debate, the citizenry, We The People, finally settles the matter, after all facts are brought in without restraint or reserve.

6. ENTERPRISE AND OWNERSHIP: The tradition of America is that opportunity to apply one’s initiative, intelligence and energy shall not be restricted because of birth, environment or social position. Citizens are permitted to accumulate property in direct proportion to their combined gifts involving intelligence, application and toil. This is responsible for the growth of America into a nation of power, wealth and happiness.

7. A SERVANT GOVERNMENT: Under the Constitution every public official is to be the servant of the citizen, not the master. Public officials and public employees can be investigated, recalled and removed.

8. CHECKS AND BALANCES: Congress is to make the laws. The Supreme Court is to interpret the laws as to whether they are in harmony with the Constitution. The President is to execute, enforce and carry out the laws. The President must never make the laws. The Supreme Court must be judicial, not legislative. The Congress must legislate, not execute or judge.

9. NATIONAL DEFENSE: The tradition of America requires that we defend our Nation by the use of arms and military strategy. As a synbol of this authority, this sovereignty, this independence, the one flag that shall fly higher than all the others shall be the Stars and the Stripes.

Globalism involves nine attacks on the nine attributes of Americanism:

1. Sovereignty versus World Government
2. The Commonwealth versus Federal Dictatorship
3. Christianity versus Anti-Christianity
4. Racial Self-Respect versus Anti-White Trotskyite Globalists
5. Freedom of Expression versus Controlled Media
6. Enterprise and Ownership versus (Executive Order) Confiscation
7. A Servant Government versus a Master Government
8. Checks and Balances versus Manipulation and Pressure
9. National Defense versus (UN troop or Islamic) Subordination

Our outstanding Donald Trump elected President of the United States of America will insure “Americanism Not Globalism!”


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