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Clearly, the globalist agenda to privatize everything possible in the U.S. has been steadily advancing. Courtesy of Council on Foreign Relations’ propaganda, policies, contacts and inroads, the incremental destruction of American Sovereignty is a quiet war now raging!

Is there anything in the U.S. immune from foreign privatization? The private property of a nation is now a kaleidoscope revealing tens of thousands of foreign-owned pieces! To drain the swamp of foreign privatizing is a mammoth undertaking across America!

The Foreign Privatization of War with Mercenaries, Private Military and Security Companies! Outlandish! Private military and security companies operate in a legal vacuum: they pose a threat to civilians and to international human rights law and must be outlawed!

Included in the Sovereignty-ignoring UN Human Rights Council entrusting the UN Working Group with these “security” companies – to the glee of UN-manipulating Soros and Kissinger – a steady stream of Muslim “refugees” can be found hired by American security companies!

The Foreign Privatization of Foreign Policy is heinous. Bending the will of the US to foreign powers, President-elect Trump declares a dramatic step to end this involvement! “Pay for Play” can no longer stay!

The privatized intelligence community operates without oversight or accountability. Profit-driven opportunities too often take precedence over patriotism and national duty. The entanglement of America’s foreign-privatized intelligence with foreign agencies is highly dangerous to national security. Outsourcing US intelligence is often wasteful, expensive and un-American.*

We are then confronted with the foreign privatization of water as an owned commodity rather than a universal human right. American-hating multi-billionaire globalist Maurice Strong led the way with control of the enormous aquifer beneath the Baca Valley in Colorado and the privatized Ontario Hydro.

The globalist agenda is to decrease earth’s nearly seven billion to as low as half a billion. That means 13 out of 14 of us alive today must die within the next few years. And what better way to rapidly kill off the human population than taking full ownership and control over the earth’s limited diminishing water supply!

The privatization of public lands must quickly be condemned! The foreign privatization of hundreds of thousands of federal jobs —roughly one-half of the federal workforce—to private, for-profit contractors, must be abruptly halted!

To privatize our national parks with foreign privatization is blasphemous! To “Make America Great Again!” is to deny foreign corporations access and control of America’s hallowed grounds such as the Redwoods, Acadia, White Sands and the Grand Canyon. Foreign troops have already been discovered bivouacking in America’s national forests and parks (now a felony to fly over so these foreign presences will not be disturbed).

Foreign companies who purchased and are purchasing US roads and bridges for toll projects, toll booths and revenue projects must be given their money back and ousted!  American Sovereignty is not for sale.

The foreign-privatized replacement of government social services – the insurance companies, the HMOs, the private schools, etc. – will, of course, have as their prime objectives, the enrichment of their stockholders and corporate officers, rather than service to the American public.

In education, Common Core is pure Agenda 21 and a gateway for privatization of the entire school system! It shows a shocking in your face conspiracy by the 50 State governors (National Governor’s Association) and CCSSO to create, copyright, and then sell by legal vote and enforcement Common Core State Standards to each State.**

Oversight and reform of these private institutions will be out of reach of political institutions: elections, legislatures, and the courts. Ernest Partridge warns, “This will be a very different country, virtually unimaginable to most American citizens today, but familiar to those who are acquainted with third world kleptocracies in Central America, Africa and Asia.”

To give foreign privatization control of city bus services, motor vehicles divisions including traffic tickets and licensing fees, will insure these fees will inch their way up, definitely not for the benefit of the American public. Clearly, privatizing public services imperils cities! Not just Florida, but all of America’s cities have a foreign-privatizing swamp to drain!

As American jobs were sent overseas, foreign privatizing increased with the decrease in American taxes.  Very clever.  More and more Americans sold drugs until their third drug offense, when they were placed in the foreign-privatized American gulag, where foreign investors profiteer to this moment from enslaved- American labor.  Down with all foreign-privatization in the prison/industrial complex!

*PRESIDENT TRUMP! BEWARE OF ALL THE NAME CHANGING MANEUVERS OF THE GLOBALISTS! THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE WITH FOREIGN PRIVATIZATION! The Rothschild banking cartel controlled Monsanto. Monsanto is now owned by Bayer. GMO-imposing Monsanto owned Blackwater which has changed its name to Academi. And on it goes…

**PRESIDENT TRUMP!  BEWARE OF ALL THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS AND POLITICIANS WHO SUPPORTED ALL THIS GLOBALIST FOREIGN PRIVATIZING!  To appoint these as ambassadors and to other key positions will culminate in “Globalism not Americanism.”


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