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“A Mature Woman’s view of Donald Trump and the Republican leadership”

Recently while listening to a well known talk show host, a woman of “mature status” called in and promptly gave her opinion of Donald Trump and the Republican leadership.  According to her the problem started years ago when society, mainly the women libbers, begin (using her exact words) the “pusification of our men folk.

According to this bright and mature woman, Donald Trump simply represents what the majority of modern day men are not, a “real non-pusified man” which threatens their standing in the male world. He is anything but politically correct and tells it like it is. I have to say that after some thought and reflection on my childhood I have to agree with her.   Having been born in the late 50’s my childhood was one of rough and tumble football games where after getting pushed to the ground, you got up wiped your nose and face and kept on playing.  If you cried those around you started chanting “sissy and momma’s boy”.

When not in school we would holler out to mom as we walked out the front door for day full of adventures and wouldn’t return until dark.  As for playing sports in school or on an organized sports time, only the winners got the trophies and the losers were told “better luck next time.”  In the locker room comments would be made about the cheerleaders and members of the drill team, and those that claim this didn’t take are only lying to themselves.

When it came to discipline we were taught if you deserve it take it like a man, but not anymore.  Now spankings are looked down on and at times can even bring CPS knocking on your door.  Kids now days even threaten parents with this.  Growing up I received many “corrective” actions from my father and I have managed to turn out pretty good, especially for one who never colors between the lines.

But somewhere along the way, the notion of “there no losers only winners” attitude started creeping in and trophies were handed out just for participating.  Discipline was viewed as a secondary need and one that was feckless to say the least.   Donald Trump displays all of the traits of a man who grew up before this transformation sweep over the majority of American males and he is not afraid or ashamed to let you know. In contrast those in the leadership and the floor positions within the House and the Senate are anything but real non-PC men.  To prove this statement true, consider the amount of rebuffing they sent Trumps way versus that of Obama.  They said “re-elect us and we will fight and challenge him at every turn”, but their constituents are still waiting for this campaign promise to be fulfilled.  With the exception of a few, the majority of our elected officials who claim to be of the male gender are exactly who the “mature woman” was describing.  They may have the appendages associated with the male gender but they lack the testosterone to use it.

This trait is also exhibited by the majority of the so-called millenials who seem to think that mom and dad’s basement is their permanent abode and that a texting conversation with another is how humans manage their communication skills.  Please don’t get me wrong, texting may have its’ place but it is not a replacement for actually having a face to face conversation.  These individuals have been brought up in an educational system that condemns individualism and assertiveness.  A system that allows the government to replace the father in the family unit by promoting a constant state of welfare as the new father figure.

This is what the term “pusification” means.  It is a total lack of what it takes to stand up and speak your mind and assert yourself to the position that God designed for you.  In a more simple explanation, it’s like being asked by a woman “does this dress make me look fat?”  Now days most just say something like “no sweetheart it doesn’t when they really want to say “it’s not the dress that makes you look fat, it’s the fork that keeps finding its way to your mouth that makes you look fat.”

The definition of manhood has definitely been changed, but no one can pinpoint the exact time frame when it happened.  We do know that it was because of a multitude of events that taken separately weren’t noticeable but when combined equaled a tsunami.  As for our elected officials in the House and the Senate, it’s time that you take the tape off of your personal’s, let them dangle and rediscover your manhood so you can do the right thing and stop Hillary from residing in the White House.  I would venture to say that if you don’t, we might take your jax, send you running home and replace you with someone who enjoys a good game of dodge ball.

So moral of this story, is that it took a “mature woman” probably in the early to late 70’s range of life to remind us of an era when someone like Hillary, would never be allowed near the position of President.  This lady was telling us that Hillary represents everything that is opposite of what America was and can still be.  For those of you who truly support Hillary, can you please answer the following questions for those of us who do not?

Does a 30 plus year career of lying, cheating and unethical behavior not matter to you?

What is your definition of integrity and do you know what it means to do the “right thing?”

Do you understand that Hillary has the utmost desire to eliminate your Constitutional rights that have been fought for and defended by past generations?

Can you look those in your family who were part of that defense in the eyes and say I really don’t care about the sacrifice you made to preserve this nation?

And most importantly, when your child comes to you and ask why they can’t say the name of Jesus in public anymore, can you look them in the face and tell them why?  And that the reason is because you voted for Hillary.

Please understand that if Hillary becomes President, everything right will become wrong. The appointments that she will make to the Supreme Court will be of the most radical ideology that this country has ever seen. The 2nd Amendment as well as the 1st Amendment will be stripped of the most essential meanings.  She open our southern borders to an influx of millions of people that will include drug cartel members, members of the MS 13 gang and a multitude of people that can in no way be vetted.  They will drain our system of benefits while displacing Americans from their rightful place in this country.  If this is what you want, go for it but you better be prepared for the consequences of your actions, because for every action there is a reaction.  You may not like Trump, but you should really like the only nation on the face of the planet that allows you to be the individual that you are.  For those of you who may gay, a few of the nations that give Hillary and Bill money, such as Saudi Arabia kill people like you, but America allows you to be who you are.

Much to think about and pray about in the coming 20 plus days and I can’t help but feel if she gets her hands on the control lever of America it will take years maybe generations to correct the damage she will do.  A good parallel would be how God sent the Israelites’ into the desert to wonder for forty years until the offending generation was gone, we too may be embarking on our forty years of correcting what she has said she wants to do.


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