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What will it take to bring the Liberal Democrats to their senses? Obviously, they can’t be embarrassed into legitimacy.

The Leftist-supporting Media continue to bash President Trump with horrifying caricatures, verbal gutter talk, and just plain out-right lies! While the established Washington set conjures up such hypocritical nonsense, they leave many shaking their collective heads.

Such behavior leads me to assume they (the Democratic Liberals) have been altered mentally by an unforeseen force (drug?); or just possibly they have been inundated with sublime advertising. My favorite is that the Democrats are so intent on capturing the votes in the 2018 Election, that they are committed to all-out war, taking out all stops, to discredit President Trump, and thereby winning a majority in the Legislative Body.

If they are indeed fanatically leaning toward this goal, then I would counsel Conservatives and Republicans to alter their strategy to meeting this assault head-on.
I question also the behavior of NYC Mayor DeBlasio, and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, vowing to “honor the goals” and “follow the guidelines”, respectively, of the Paris agreement.

While we as a Nation embrace “States rights” as our Founders put forth, we must remember we are the UNITED States of America. A phrase that resonates our desire to work together, to be as one, and to collectively stand as one against outside forces that would have our demise, simply out of jealousy. We cannot survive if we start stepping aside from each other, ignoring the Federal Laws, the Constitution, and our resolve to maintain the Republic under a Democratic Government.

Many in Government today have embraced their position and power so fervently, they have forgotten the strength of unity; the fortitude and bravery that got us through four wars; the camaraderie that has sustained us for these many centuries. The have put Party and self ahead of all else. I would remind them to review the works and words of our ‘Forefathers’; to remind themselves they are representing ‘the people’. They are there to convey the wishes and demands of the people that have supported them, the people that have put them in the prestigious position of steering our Nation to a good life of freedoms and liberties for all who come to our shores.

It is sad to watch them grovel to the undesirables just to obtain their vote; to put aside our values, to manipulate the Constitution for the purpose of aiding and abetting their lust for the power, position, and money they have achieved, throughout the many years of sitting in the Capital of our Great Nation.

The people have finally awakened. They have had enough.

In response they have elected a non-politician to the seat of power in our Government. Many in the Government are hard pressed to understand his priorities in the decision-making process. He does not have the polished manners of Diplomacy; he is a Businessman, used to dealing with other Businessman; he is not accustomed to the back-slapping “boys-in-the-backroom” operations of the Politicians. The time has come for “The Establishment” in Washington D.C. to realize the ways of the Business community, and to wake up and see this is what the people want. The corruption that has invaded our system comes from those that do not recognize the value of operations of Businessmen. They have merely tried to reach the top practicing the ways they do not understand.

A successful Businessman knows how to “deal”. He knows how to compromise. He knows how to achieve and earn, the respect of his peers. A true Businessman knows how to get things done in a mutually satisfying manner, without such blatant lying and hypocrisy that we see in Washington D.C.

President Trump is not used to operating within the bureaucratic ways that we, as a Nation, have evolved into. In a bureaucracy, we basically have too many cooks in the kitchen. The backside of that would be one man in charge; that would be a Dictator, and that, of course, is extremely unacceptable.

However, I think it is time for the ideals of business and diplomacy to merge. Once again, I suggest we re-read the history of the forging of this Government. The wisdom, thought, and time that was put into it, has value beyond any other form of government we see today, or have seen throughout History.

Many, outside of our American society, cannot fathom how to achieve what we have. There are those that do not understand how to combine freedoms and liberties with discipline and morals. But the refugees of war torn countries that came to our shores, along with those looking for a better life for their children, knew how to do this as they learned the American way.

They assimilated into our society with a dedication, purpose, and fortitude akin to our early settlers.

The land beneath us has riches beyond the early estimations of mankind. Many have realized this, and they are now coming to our shores in droves to take advantage of our open society and our life. They are infiltrating our lives and know just how to be successful at cajoling the Politicians into giving them what they want. The influx of immigrants has been a two-way street, much the same way as Politicians have always worked. ” …. you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours …. “; or, in other words, ” …. you vote for my bill and I’ll vote for yours …. “.

These illegal persons have learned to use the Constitution and manipulate the laws for their own gain. And the Politicians, in return for their vote, (a ‘right’ they gave to them), continue to throw them crumbs from our hard-earned bread.

This has gone far enough. Time to take a “no-nonsense” attitude. Perhaps the best way to start would be to withhold Federal monies from the Universities that encourage the students to take a stand for Liberalism, which, in my opinion is everything against the American way.

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