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Vietnam Veterans Memorial, National Mall

VETERANS, AMERICAN FIGHTING MEN AND WOMEN, these people are the life and breath of freedom. We, as Americans, take freedom for granted on a daily basis. We never let thoughts about how life would be without the military men and women that fight to protect America and its citizenry 24/7, seven days a week, 365 days a year. These people are being abused, being denied their rights, being pushed aside by the Federal government and the Veterans Administration. There are thousands of vets that have been fighting the VA for years for the benefits they have been denied due to LOST RECORDS, MILITARY RECORDS containing their duty post, assignments and combat records.

Korean, Middle Eastern countries, and the “Forgotten War Vets,” TheViet Nam veterans. I can attest personally as to how the VA can deny benefits simply by informing the vet, stating, “We have NO record of you ever serving in such and such stated country.” Then the whole turmoil of events must start all over again along with the appeal process. This consist of trip after trip to the VA  and the Veteran rep’s office. The waiting for months and months for a decision just to be denied again with, yet, another denial.

Delay, deny, damn you, DIE! Delay, deny long enough they’ll just die! If denied long enough there will be no funds gone to wast on claims paid to deserving former fighting men and women that have suffered at the hands of the enemy. Enemy that has continually tried to destroy the United States of America for over a century. These veterans gave up years of their lives to fight the enemies our beloved United States of America. Yet, the VA takes it upon themselves to decide who gets help when these veterans need disability benefits. The board decides to deny disability benefits by using the term, “We have no record of you ever serving in Southeast Asia,” or whatever country such as Afghanistan and other middle east countries. We, as Viet Nam vets, are used to all the denials and discrimination, delays and lost records. We have been fighting with the VA sense the Viet Nam war began and troops starting coming back wounded and their lives and health damaged by agent orange, agent blue, agent purple and agent white. Yea! these were used and most people only know about the “Agent orange.” YEA, THERE WERE OTHERS. THEY WERE USED IN MANY PLACES NOT DISCLOSED BY THE Department of Defense. These herbicides were used unlimited i n many parts of the world and NO records were kept! This usage of herbicides throughout the world is the most corrupt cover-up known to the American people and throughout the world today. (more later)

The war in Viet Nam was unlike any other war in the history of the U.S. Military. The life span of a second lieutenant was less than a week in some combat situations in Viet Nam. Intern, there were some reports that never were filed and sent to command. There were company commanders that died in combat, leaving the duty of making out reports to underlings with little to no training concerning the daily reports, combat situations and troop movements. There were many troops moved from one duty post to another without orders form the pentagon. Some orders were issued form battalion command out of necessity, in-order to meet troop demand. Some troops were asked to “Volunteer” to serve in Viet Nam in a ‘Temporary Duty” tour(TDY). There were M.O. S. ‘s that were in short demand during the Viet Nam war. Troops were asked to volunteer to serve in Viet Nam and other countries during wartime due to shortage of personal trained in certain M.O.S. ‘s during that time.

In those days,  military personal were unable to serve more than one tour of overseas duty during one enlistment or one draft term of two years, therefore, TDY duty was the option the Army used in order to obtain the trained military troops necessary to fulfill the demand for these demanded M.O.S. trained troops. If you or anyone you know served more than one full tour of duty, then a TDY partial tour of duty in a foreign country, they should check to see if there are military records showing accountability.

The orders for the troops who were volunteered (TDY Duty) were most likely issued from battalion command due to the lack of time to obtain orders from the pentagon. In most situations of this nature, time was of the essence. Did this form of obtaining orders go against the military rules, I am afraid so, however, bare in mind, there was a war going on and rules were often broken in the name of supply and demand. Troop supply was often included in the scheme of getting the job done. War is hell, I was there!


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